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Honda XRE300


Kawasaki Versys 300


Suzuki DR650


We aim to provide you with the best value for your money. Our trips and rentals include great bike, all riding gear, and clean, budget-friendly hotels off the beaten path for an authentic experience in Colombia:

  • Bilingual Guide / Photographer

  • Fuel and Road Tolls

  • Unlimited Kilometers

  • Hotels - Clean, budget-friendly hotels

  • Helmet

  • Cell Phone Holder with Wireless and USB Charging

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Medical Insurance - (Just in case)

  • High-quality 50 Liter dry bags 

  • Emergency Tool Kit and Spares 

  • High-Quality Rain Jackets

  • GPS Tracking Device

  • Gloves 

  • Jacket 

  • Top box 

  • Luggage Storage

  • Optional Motorcycle Lowering Kit


For maximum comfort and convenience, we recommend that you bring your own riding gear but if you need something we have quality gear available for you at no extra charge. Boots and pants not included.



Off-Road Motorcycle Day Trip

1 Day Trip - Rough Off-Road Trails, Stunning Views, And High Altitude.


  • Climb to one of the highest points in Medellin.

  • Beautiful backcountry riding

  • Spectacular panoramas of Medellin from the highest peak in the area. 

  • 8-hour day trip​​
    Great food at small local restaurants


Take an off-road motorcycle trip to the Padre Amaya mountain, one of the highest viewpoints in all of Medellin. Take in spectacular views of Medellin, and the entire western and southwestern region from an altitude of 10,000ft. The trail is pretty rough but if you go slowly and carefully you can make it with no trouble.


Now it is. Gone are the days of kidnappings, drug lords, and guerrillas. We routinely encounter Colombian military checkpoints that ensure safe travel throughout the country. We've led hundreds of tours around the country and have never had any problems with security. 


Anthony Bourdain summed it up perfectly:


"If you want to find bad people in Colombia, you can surely find them, as you could in New York or Los Angeles. But nowhere have my crew and I been treated better or with more kindness and generosity. I'd bring my family on vacation there in a heartbeat. And hope to soon. As I said before: Colombians are proud. Let them show you what they are proud of."


Medellin to Boquerón


We leave our world headquarters at 10 am and take a slow leisurely drive to Boqueron. We will make a few stops along the way to take in some views that look like they're right out of Lord of the Rings. We will also stop at a couple of local restaurants to get snacks and coffee. 


Boquerón to Padre Amaya


This is where things get interesting: We take our motorcycles and start heading up an off-road trail. Depending on the weather this route can be kinda difficult. I recommend this for Intermediate riders since the trail can be filled with sections of large loose rocks and gravel. For those who are up to the challenge, you will be rewarded with amazing views of Medellin and the surrounding area from an altitude of 10,000ft.