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Buy A Motorcycle In Colombia

Ready to take a motorcycle trip in South America? Here are your options: 

2017 Suzuki dr200

Quick Info:

  • 2017 Suzuki DR200 for Sale in Medellin, Colombia

  • 21,263km (13,212miles)

  • Perfect condition, no mechanical problems

  • 200cc engine

  • All papers in order and ready for a quick transfer

The 2017 Suzuki DR200S is the affordable motorcycle that can tackle a dirt trail or be a street commuter that gets 88MPG with its reliable 199cc engine complete with push-button electric-starting, telescopic front forks, a 3.3 gallon tank, and abundant torque. This makes the DR200S is the intelligent choice for trail enthusiasts and commuters alike. With sharp, competition-like styling, bright yellow or black bodywork with distinctive graphics, and a reasonable 33.3 inch seat height, this 278 pound cycle delivers the agile maneuverability and fun Suzuki is known for.

The Suzuki DR200S is a testament to the idea that bigger isn’t always better. This single cylinder, 199 cc dual-sport cycle comes with a lightweight body packaged full of necessities for the dirt and the pavement. Complete with an electric starter, telescopic front forks, a 3.3 gallon tank, and abundant torque, the DR200S is the ideal dual-sport bike for trail enthusiasts and commuters alike.

*Suzuki’s fuel economy estimates are based on EPA exhaust emission measurement tests conducted by Suzuki and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage may vary depending on how you ride and maintain your vehicles, road and driving conditions, tires pressure, engine break-in, accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.

More info:

Option 1 - Motorcycle Buy Back Program
Option 2 - Buy A Motorcycle In Colombia

Colombia ADV Motorcycle Buy Back Program - Buy an adventure prepped motorcycle in Colombia then sell it back when you're done.

Want to own your own motorcycle in Colombia? It can be a real hassle buying a bike down here. Let us help you out.

Here's how it works:


  1. Purchase - Purchase one of the New or Used/Made-New motorcycles. We will then prep it for your trip. Depending on what you are interested in we can add side-racks, a top case, upgraded tires and lighting. We will even take you around to buy motorcycle gear and helmets.

  2. Paperwork - We have all the paperwork, license plate and insurance papers done for you by the time you arrive. It only takes registering with the Colombian National Transit Registry and a few signatures to change it over to your name. Once that's done the bike is yours. No hassles with trying to buy a used bike in Colombia, no strange stories or incorrect paperwork. We will have a high quality, adventure ready motorcycle ready to go with a free and clear title so you can start your South America motorcycle adventure right away and with no problems.

  3. Travel - Go on your epic trip!! 

  4. Buy Back - While you are gone we look for another rider coming to Colombia who would like to buy your motorcycle (once we make it new again!). It is like a consignment sale.  Often we find another buyer before you bring it back to us in Medellin, Colombia. If we have not found a buyer by the time you return, it shouldn't be too long.  The UNLIMITED TIME AND KMS BUY BACK price set by the written contract doesn't change.  As soon as the new buyer pays, we pass your buy back price on to you via Paypal!  The best part is that the buy back price stays the same, whether you purchased used or new, no matter how long you have it or how many kms you put on it!

Mechanical Inspection - It goes without saying that you will want to keep your motorcycle in good working condition, not just for your ride, but for the BUY BACK. When the motorcycle comes back we check it over and pull the head and the cylinder to see if there is any damage due to overheating or low quality lubrication. Scarred valve rocker arms or camshaft and deep cylinder grooves always tell the story. We also check out the electrical system to make sure that it hasn't been totally destroyed by driving around through salt water or the salt flats in Bolivia. If there is damage, we will assess the cost of the damage and discount that from the agreed buy back amount. As said earlier; we are not concerned with wear items that will be replaced anyway or rubbed off paint.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 8.26.02 PM.png

Here's how it works:


  1. RNT - We take you to get registered with the Colombian national transit registry. This is a simple process and only requires your passport and fingerprint.  

  2. Find A Motorcycle - We help you search the internet to find a motorcycle that you like at a good price.  Try searching for motorcycles in Medellin on

  3. Background Check - The motorcycles title is checked for unpaid fines, taxes, insurance and technomechanica.

  4. Mechanical Inspection - A certified motorcycle mechanic is sent to inspect the motorcycle and take it for a test drive.

  5. Purchase - We help you negotiate with the sellers as well as handle all the necessary title transfer paperwork.

  6. Gear -  We can take you to buy motorcycle gear and helmets and jackets.

  7. Motorcycle Prep - Ready to go on a long trip? We can strip the bike down to its frame and build it back up while performing all the necessary maintenance tasks such as changing the oil, air filters, chain, tires, brake fluid etc. We can also install cell phone holders, USB chargers and top boxes to the bike.

  8. Have a great trip!

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