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Motorcycle rental in Medellin. We are Colombias specialist in adventure motorcycles and adventure touring motorcycles.  Our motorcycles are equipped with road tires, a smooth suspension, and power that makes for a comfortable ride on paved roads. They are also equipped with bigger gas tank, beefier parts, as well as a few extra pieces to protect the bike from wear and tear. These motorcycles are perfect for comfortable, long distance touring but are also capable to take you mud, rocks and river-crossings if thats where you decide to go. 

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Enjoy the Ride!!

Ride to Jardín Colombia


Escape Medellin and spend a day exploring Jardín, a place that many people call, “Colombia’s prettiest small town.” Nestled in a lush valley and surrounded by sprawling coffee and banana plantations, Jardín is known for it’s natural beauty. It’s a town full of personality and history that just might become the highlight of your Colombian adventure!

This One-Day Tour from Medellin to Jardín has a little bit of everything packed into a short but exciting 12 hours. You get a world-class motorcycle ride, spectacular photo opportunities, and a real dose of Colombian culture. 


We ride over 250 km roundtrip, leaving Medellin in the morning and arriving back after sundown. Each leg of the trip is about 3.5 hours long, for a total time of 7 hours on the bike. It’s a long day to be certain, but the rewards are well worth it!


We arrive in Jardín around noon and eat together at a favorite local restaurant. After lunch, you are free to explore the town as you please. Then, in the early evening, we load up for the return ride back to Medellin.


For those without the time to take a multi-day tour, the One-Day Tour to Jardín is an excellent option. It produces all the adventure and outstanding photos of our longer tours, in a shorter amount of time!


  • Ride through the foothills of the Andes by motorcycle

  • Visit one of Colombia’s favorite small towns

  • Take in magnificent views from the cable-car and the top of Alto de las Flores

  • See first-hand the importance of the coffee trade in Colombian history

  • Snap beautiful photos of Jardín, the Andes Mountains, and more!



  • Guide

  • Gasoline

  • Helmet

  • Accident insurance

  • Snacks

  • Lunch




  • Know how to drive a motorcycle

  • A valid motorcycle class driver’s license

  • Passport or Colombian I.D.

  • Credit card to leave a security deposit in case  the motorcycle suffers any damages

  • Read and sign the contract


Medellin to Jardin (130 km)


Start heading southwest out of Medellin, into the Andean hills, where some of the world’s finest coffee has been grown for centuries. Arrive in Jardín feeling exhilarated by the cool mountain air, ready to check out the cute little mountain pueblo.


Park your bike and meander through the streets on foot (or by horseback!), stopping to take in the eccentricities of the place. Balconies painted in alternating colors of turquoise, orange, green, red, and yellow line the street. And, on the streets beneath the balconies, local men in wide-brim hats sit swilling aguardiente in the afternoon sun. 


Enjoy a lunch of fresh trout, just caught that morning, and wash it down with a cup of local coffee. Then, walk through the central square, to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a gorgeous church that was built with stones sourced from the nearby Tapartó River.


Lastly, ride the cable-car to the top of Alto de las Flores (Hill of Flowers) for a spectacular aerial view of the town and surrounding hills. After a day well spent in Jardín, saddle up for the ride back to Medellin, as the sun begins to set behind the mountains.