JUNGLE, WATERFALLS, CAÑO CRISTALES, and 12,000-Year-Old petroglyphs


A full-on adventure into a beautiful natural area and one of the most unexplored places in Colombia:

  •  Caño Canoas is a wall of waterfalls 70 meters high and almost 200 meters wide

  • Uniquely rare in rivers of the world, the waters of Caño Cristales appear to be a liquid rainbow.

  • 12,000 Year Old Petroglyphs - heralded by researchers as “the Sistine Chapel of the ancients”—the rock drawings depict animals, humans and geometric patterns.

  • The route is hardcore. If you like river crossings, sand, rocks, and mud this is the trip for you. Warning: This route is extremely remote, and at certain times of the year, impassable, due to deep mud. We recommend having an adventure prepped bike complete with knobby tires as well as bringing ropes to help pull you out of the mud in case you get stuck. 

  • Caño Canoas - Caño Caños is a wall 70 meters high and almost 200 meters wide where a waterfall falls and that forms a curtain of water.

  • Caño Cristales - Stay at a beautiful hot springs hotel

  • Petroglyphs - heralded by researchers as “the Sistine Chapel of the ancients”—depict animals, humans and geometric patterns



Day 1 - Medellin – Bogota

Recommended Hotel: GHL Hotel Capital

Much of the drive from Bogota to Medellin is on single-lane mountain passes. The drive can take 10 hours and the road is full of slow-moving heavy trucks which are hard to pass. Accidents and road-blockages are frequent.

Day 2 -  Bogota to Villavicencio to Vista Hermosa

Recommended Hotel: Hotel La Posada Montreal

Toll road - No signs say no motorcycles. If you go through the tunnel on a motorcycle they confiscate and impound it. Lifted the bikes onto a trailer, Strapped the bike onto a trailer and rode in the truck with a driver. Took 20 min to get through the tunnel. Never saw a moto shuttle before. Never saw one as efficient as that. 

Drive times - BOG > Villavicencio > Vista Hermosa =  8 hours

All Paved Route - First half is a very windy road with lots of truck traffic. Second half is a flat paved road. 


Guided Trip

  • $2,275USD per person

  • +Add Pillion/Passenger $245USD ($35USD/Day)

Self-Guided Trip

  • Motorcycle Rental + Route Map Only

  • $525USD - Honda XRE300/Kawasaki Versys 300 

  • $665USD - Suzuki DR650

  • Add Pillion/Passenger $245USD ($35USD/Day)

  • Hotels Not Included - Hotels are easily booked via booking.com or similar. This gives you the flexibility to make changes to your route as well as book hotels that fit your budget.

  • Gas Not Included - Gas isn't included but the bikes are fuel-efficient and gas isn't that expensive.

  • Some Skill Required - Do you know how to change a flat tire? If you’re a confident rider then maybe a self-guided tour is for you.



We aim to provide you with the best value for your money. Our trips and rentals include great bike, all riding gear, clean, budget-friendly hotels, and off-the-beaten-path locations for an authentic experience in Colombia:

  • Bilingual Guide / Photographer included with guided trips.

  • Fuel and Road Tolls included with guided trips.

  • Unlimited Kilometers

  • Hotels - Clean, budget-friendly hotels are included with guided trips.

  • Helmet, Jacket, Gloves

  • Cell Phone Holder with Wireless and USB Charging

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Supplemental Medical Insurance - (Just in case)

  • High-quality 50 Liter dry bags 

  • Locking 50L Top box

  • Emergency Tool Kit and Spares

  • Tire Repair Kit Including Electric Air Pump

  • High-Quality Rain Jackets

  • GPS Tracking Device

  • Luggage Storage

  • Optional Motorcycle Lowering Kit

  • Flexible Refund Policy - Cancellations 31 days or more will be allowed to reschedule or given a full refund. Cancellations 30 days or less prior to rental will be allowed to reschedule their trip at no cost. If rescheduling isn't possible you will be refunded the full price of the trip excluding the price of the hotels.

Day 3 -  Vistahermosa to Caño Canoas

Recommended Hotel: Paraiso Hotel


Similar to Iguazu falls in Brazil. It's also possible to hike behind the waterfall. Very nice fresh weather behind the waterfalls and acts like a natural air conditioner.


The falls are located in the La Macarena mountain range, a mountainous range that is considered by scientists around the world as one of the most outstanding wildlife locations in the country.

It is also one of the most beautiful natural areas and one of the most unexplored places in Colombia . 

Driving Conditions: 

  • Drive Time - Depending on conditions the trip takes about 4 - 8 hours from Vistahermosa to Cano Canoas. 

  • Muddy Roads - The drive features Muddy roads, lots of river crossings. Some dry sections before the national park and some very muddy sections in the national park. The roads have deep puddles up to 2ft deep as well as huge ruts in the road. Some 4x4 trucks (lifted Land Cruisers with big tires and winches) even get stuck.

  • River Crossings with Homemade bridges - Really fun homemade ferries. Exiting some of the river crossings required driving up a 45 degree mud river bank. Without these bridges / river crossings, it is completely impossible to cross the river.

  • Guide - We recommend hiring a guide since the route is filled with unmarked turns. We recommend calling the Paraiso Hotel and arranging a guide a few days in advance.

Rustic Accommodations:


  • Food - Large pigs can sometimes be seen hanging in front of the hotel waiting to be butchered. 

  • No air conditioner 

  • Generator turned off at night - Be sure to charge your electronics before they turn off the electricity. 

  • Old wood rooms - Rooms made out of old wood boards. Similar to sleeping in a barn stall. John woke up with a chicken in his room, Dave woke up to a dog in his bed. 

Day 4 - Caño Canoas to Caño Cristales / La Macarena

Recommended Hotel: Hotel La Fuente

Uniquely rare in rivers of the world, the waters of Caño Cristales appear to be a liquid rainbow. For several months every year, the water appears to turn into vivid hues of red, yellow, blue, green, and even black. Being an extremely unique phenomena, this color change is actually due to the mass-blooming of an endemic plant species called Macarenia clavígera. This flowering water plant is incredibly rare, growing only in a few tropical climates of the world. Caño Cristales is the only place where it blooms so prolifically and spectacularly. Unfortunately, the colors can only be seen at a certain time of year, from mid-May to early December.


The route to Caño Cristales is hardcore. If you like river crossings, sand, rocks, and mud this is the trip for you. Warning: This route is extremely remote, and at certain times of the year, impassable, due to deep mud. We recommend having an adventure prepped bike complete with knobby tires as well as bringing ropes to help pull you out of the mud in case you get stuck.

How to enter Caño Cristales: 

  • Have to buy tickets to enter - Prices are around $381,000COP / $100USD per person. The government building where you buy tickets can be closed sometimes.  

  • Extra taxes for foreigners

  • Ticket price includes a guide and lunch. 

  • Can't wear sunscreen while in the National Park.

  • Cannot bring single use water bottles, must be reusable water bottles.

Day 5 - La Macarena to San Jose de Guaviare 

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Portico Suite

Tens of Thousands of 12,000-Year-Old Rock Paintings

Hailed as “the Sistine Chapel of the ancients”, archaeologists have found tens of thousands of paintings of animals and humans created up to 12,500 years ago across cliff faces that stretch across nearly eight miles in Colombia.

Their date is based partly on their depictions of now-extinct ice age animals, such as the mastodon, a prehistoric relative of the elephant that hasn’t roamed South America for at least 12,000 years. There are also images of the palaeolama, an extinct camelid, as well as giant sloths and ice age horses. These animals were all seen and painted by some of the very first humans ever to reach the Amazon. Their pictures give a glimpse into a lost, ancient civilisation. Such is the sheer scale of paintings that they will take generations to study.



  • The worst road conditions. More mud, more water, even less traffic. Saw 3-4 cars in 10 hours. Watched lifted Monteros get stuck and take 10 people to push them out. 

Gas Stations

  • There are no gas stations in this area. All gas is sold from empty coke bottles.


Boat Ride or Drive

  • It is possible to take a boat to San Jose de Guaviareiare. The boat ride costs around  $2,500,000COP / ~$650USD.  You can see lots of turtles, birds, and fish and is very relaxing. Definitely a welcome break after 4 days of riding.



Colombia Hot Springs Hotel

For maximum comfort and convenience, we recommend that you bring your own riding gear but if you need something we have quality gear available for you.