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Colombia Motorcycle Mechanic

Need a motorcycle mechanic in Medellin, Colombia? Look no further. We get the job done right the first time and we speak English. 

We have a full service motorcycle shop and can fix any type of motorcycle from BMW 1200GS, F800GS and Honda Tornado 250's used in round the world motorcycle trips to small Honda C90's that are, believe it or not, also used for round the world motorcycle trips. 


Our shop is fully equipped with MIG and stick welders, air compressors and a complete set of tools and spare parts.


 We can do anything you need including:

  • running diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong with the motorcycle 

  • checking ignition points on a motorcycle engine 

  • replacing spark plugs 

  • inspecting and replacing brakes 

  • overhauling engines or electrical systems 

  • making major repairs due to an accident or neglect 

  • pre-purchase inspections 

  • We can also do large engine repairs including complete overhauls/rebuilds of V8 motors.

Adventure Travel Inspection - Starting your RTW motorcycle adventure in Colombia?  We do complete disassemblies inspecting every part on your bike then build it back up replacing parts as needed. 

Buy A Motorcycle In Colombia - Ready to go on a long trip? We can strip the bike down to its frame and build it back up while performing all the necessary maintenance tasks such as changing the oil, air filters, chain, tires, brake fluid etc. We can also install cell phone holders, USB chargers and top boxes to the bike.

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When i got to Medellin i wanted to buy a motorcycle but had no idea where to start. I was worried about the process of buying a used bike so i was planning on just buying a new one, but Jeff helped me buy a used Honda 250 Tornado in Medellin and I couldn't be happier with the decision.


He saved me a ton of money! I called Jeff and he helped me through the entire process of recommending a good bike, inspecting it, and handling all the paperwork and registration.


His team then stripped the bike down to the frame and inspected every part of it and replaced anything that needed to be fixed. They replaced the fluid in the forks, changed out brake pads, adjusted the carburetor and painted some of the parts.


They also added auxiliary driving lights, a USB charger and a top box. They had everything ready in a few days and now the bike runs perfectly.


After that I went on one of his tours up a nearby mountain and had an awesome time.


He's an excellent guide and I highly recommend Jeff and his team if you want a real adventure.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 8.04.39 PM.png
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