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Colombia Motorcycle Adventures

Loma Pajarito Robledo

Cra. 102 #68-36 

Medellin, Antioquia


+57 321 491 7060

Colombia: +57 321 491 7060

United States: (786) 623 4393


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Motorcycle rental in Medellin. We are Colombias specialist in adventure motorcycles and adventure touring motorcycles.  Our motorcycles are equipped with road tires, a smooth suspension, and power that makes for a comfortable ride on paved roads. They are also equipped with bigger gas tank, beefier parts, as well as a few extra pieces to protect the bike from wear and tear. These motorcycles are perfect for comfortable, long distance touring but are also capable to take you mud, rocks and river-crossings if thats where you decide to go. 

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Colombia Phone: +57 321 491 7060

Enjoy the Ride!!

Paragliding Adventure in Medellin

No trip to Medellin is complete without a paragliding trip. If you have never done paragliding and you want to try it, the simplest thing is to make a flight in a tandem paraglider, with a qualified pilot. The tandem paraglider has been designed to carry the weight of two people,pilot and passenger, without the need for the passenger to have any prior knowledge of this type of flight. There are also no age or physical limitations, it is enough for the person to be able to run some steps and have minimum health conditions compatible with the flight, for example,not suffering from heart diseases or panic to heights. Minors must have a minimum weight and be authorized by their parents. 

Enjoy a relaxing flight, see beautiful landscapes, the best service with the tranquility of flying in the latest technology equipment in excellent conditions and fly with certified instructors to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.


If you want to feel adrenaline, G forces and speed, all flights include standard acrobatics (Optional).

Extreme adrenaline. If the standard acrobatics is not enough for you and you want to feel up to 5 G of pressure, more than 100 KPH and descents of up to 15 meters per second, all flights include Extreme acrobatics (Optional).

$45 for 15 min flight.