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If motorcycle riding was a game would would be some funny "achievements unlocked”?

Imagine if motorcycle riding was a video game. What would be some funny "achievements unlocked"? Slaughter your boredom with these "Motorcycle Riding Achievements Unlocked"

Motorcycle Riding Achievement Unlocked: Meals on Wheels -
Motorcycle Riding Achievement Unlocked: Meals on Wheels -Catching a bug in your mouth

  1. Yard Sale - When you forget to zip up your tail bag. Unlocked at speed >120 km/h

  2. High ho Silver, Away! - First accidental wheelie.

  3. Peg surprise! - Drag the pegs on the ground and shit yourself nearly crashing the bike.

  4. Pegs down, man down! - Drag the pegs on the ground, shitting yourself, and crashing the bike.

  5. Iron Butt Level 1 - 500km in 24 hrs

  6. Iron Butt Level 2 - 1000km in 24 hrs

  7. Iron Butt Level 3 - 1500km in 24 hrs

  8. Safety Feature - when you stall the bike by shifting into first with the kickstand down.

  9. Phantom menace - Go for reserve on your EFI bike.

  10. But wait there's more! - Remember you have reserve fuel after you pulled over.

  11. Itchy Noggin - Going in for an itch and awkwardly fisting your helmet cause you forgot you had it on.

  12. Suicidal Bambi - Swerve around a bolting deer

  13. Just one more - Collect 3 bikes into your garage.

  14. I meant to do that - Ride out 5 accidental fishtails

  15. Look At Me! - Accidentally shift from 1st to neutral and rev your engine really loud.

  16. Performance Anxiety - Stall in front of a group of people.

  17. Now You See Me - Get within 2 meters of a car and have it pull out on you anyway.

  18. Chick Magnet - Approached by an old man at gas station that used to ride and wants to talk to you.

  19. Murdercycle - Unlocked when anyone forces upon you the story of a motorcycle-related death, just because you mentioned you ride.

  20. Untouchable - Drive through a busy city without anyone giving shit to you for having a motorbike

  21. Streak - Most cars overtaken in one maneuverer.

  22. Fear Factor - Scaring the crap out of your GF when she's on the back.

  23. Just Chillin' - Avoiding road rage and punching car drivers.

  24. Catch me if you can - How many times you can slow down quick enough to avoid being caught by speed cameras.

  25. Bromance - How many other bikers you get a nod or a wave from.

  26. Sound of Music - How many people you can scare with a deliberate back fire.

  27. Rube Goldberg - Learning to do basic servicing and maintenance.

  28. Glove to forget - 100/100 - Put gloves on before helmet

  29. Never dropped - Drop your motorcycle

  30. Runs Great - High side your motorcycle

  31. JitterBug - The bee in helmet dance achievement

  32. Snot a big deal - Sneeze with your visor down

  33. Haddalayerdown - Low slide

  34. Nut buster - Drive over a pot-hole and get your nuts officially busted

  35. Look At Me! - Accidentally shift from 1st to neutral and rev your engine really loud.

  36. Bump-n-HNNNGGG - Hit 10 camouflaged bumps on the freeway. Must be traveling 60mph plus.

  37. Phew - Warning for speeding

  38. You're a lucky one - Warning for going 15+ on a back road

  39. Winner winner chicken dinner - First speeding ticket

  40. That was a close one - On a group ride you see somebody near you get hit by an idiot biker

  41. Free Protein - Riding through a cloud of flies, covering your helmet/face in hundreds of bug corpses

  42. Nailed it - Catch a random nail in your tire.

  43. Really Nailed it - Said nail is in your sidewall and you need to get a new tire.

  44. Meals on wheels - Catching a bug with your mouth

  45. Twinsies - Roll up to the same exact make model and color of your motorcycle. Exchange acknowledgement with the driver.

  46. Feels Good Man - Split lanes in rush hour traffic while everyone else sits and waits.

  47. Thanks Dad - Changed your own tire

  48. Great Scott! - Reach 88MPH

Motorcycle Riding Achievement Unlocked: Just One More - Collect 3 bikes in your garage
Motorcycle Riding Achievement Unlocked: Just One More - Collect 3 bikes in your garage


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