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Colombia: +57 321 491 7060

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Motorcycle rental in Medellin. We are Colombias specialist in adventure motorcycles and adventure touring motorcycles.  Our motorcycles are equipped with road tires, a smooth suspension, and power that makes for a comfortable ride on paved roads. They are also equipped with bigger gas tank, beefier parts, as well as a few extra pieces to protect the bike from wear and tear. These motorcycles are perfect for comfortable, long distance touring but are also capable to take you mud, rocks and river-crossings if thats where you decide to go. 

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Contact me: Jscremer at

Colombia Phone: +57 321 491 7060

Enjoy the Ride!!



Why Rent A Motorcycle With Us

Honesty - We aren't here to mess you up or take your damage deposit. We're honest people doing an honest business. I'm here to help you out during your entire time in Colombia. You don't have to feel like you're alone during your trip. I'm always here to help you out. 


Great for beginners - Our motorcycle tours and rentals are geared towards beginner and intermediate riders. We have lots of people come down and tour around who don't speak a word of Spanish and they do just fine. Our tours are also geared towards beginner and intermediate riders. Trails are a mix of paved and easy off road trails that cars can easily drive on. There is no technical riding, just nice easy riding with tons of beautiful scenery. I'm always available to take you around for a day trip so you get used to riding in Colombia and if you want to take a longer guided trip I'm up for that as well.  

The only risk is wanting to stay! - Colombia is a beautiful place and your going to love riding here. The people are friendly and the country is totally safe. You don't have to be nervous about riding here and you definitely don't need to be an expert to enjoy riding a motorcycle through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

We got your back! - Our tours and rentals always put safety first. Longer rentals and tours come with emergency tool kits and first aid kits. 


We also know how to speak the local language and how to take care of things in case something goes wrong. We are also available 24 hours a day to help you out. Trying to book a hotel but don't speak enough Spanish? Just give me a call and I'll talk to them. Get stopped at a police checkpoint and don't know what to do? Give me a call and I'll take care of everything. 

Everything Included - We don't try to nickel and dime you on safety gear or motorcycle gear. We include everything in one price. Need an extra helmet? No problem and no extra charge. Want a jacket with your rental? No problem and no extra charge. 

High Quality Motorcycles and Gear - We put safety and maintenance above all else. Our bikes go through a maintenance checklist after every rental and our jackets, gloves and helmets are washed after every rental. We also have a wide assortment of gear including male and female helmets as well as extra large sized jackets and gloves for a comfortable riding experience.

Local Perks - When you go to a new town where do you find the best food? Do you hit up the local restaurants or hang out at the national chain restaurants like all the other tourists? We know Colombia and know all the best places to eat and stay. We taylor trips to fit your budget and traveling style.


Experience - After a tour or rental you will feel much more comfortable in the area and be able to go back by yourself. You will find the best places to stay and eat and even be feel confident to start exploring trails on your own if you decide to come back again in the future.


Value - You may actually save money by renting with us. We can show you the best value for food and lodging as well as save money on equipment by using ours. Instead of buying, transporting and hauling all your own gear, tools, first aid and snacks on your own motorcycle we take care of everything for you.


Our tours provide:


  • Hotels

  • Attractions

  • Food

  • Snacks

  • Medical insurance

  • Unlimited mileage

  • Local knowledge of trails

  • Gorgeous scenery

  • Epic trails


TL;DR: Theres nothing wrong with adventuring around and finding trails on your own if you have the time and resources. But riding with a tour will get you out on the best trails suited to your riding ability and ensure that your time is well spent.You will eat the best food and have the best accommodations for a solid value. You will ride lighter and safer with more confidence and a lot less stress about where to go and what to see. 


The best part is that you’ll probably meet some great new friends.

We believe that riding a motorcycle is the best way to experience a foreign country. Feeling the air around you while twisting through some of the most amazing and beautiful landscapes in the world is an experience that is impossible to forget.


Unfortunately, finding an affordable and functional motorcycle for touring can be a difficult. High powered motorcycles are expensive, heavy and hard to maneuver while local rental companies offer smaller motorcycles that are slow, uncomfortable and prone to breakdown. 


We fall in the middle offering high quality medium sized motorcycles that are affordable and easy to drive while also being powerful and comfortable for long trips deep into the heart of Colombia. We also provide high quality helmets and riding gear that will keep you safe and dry through all the climates that Colombia has to offer. 


Founded by a professional travel and wildlife photographer we know all of Colombias most beautiful places and off the beaten path destinations so you come away with an amazing experience and the pictures to prove it. 


If you’re ready to wake up in the morning with a new adventure each day, get off the beaten path, and forge unforgettable stories in the hidden paradise called Colombia you’ve come to the right place. Remember: the only risk is wanting to stay.


Jeff Cremer is an award-winning wildlife photographer from Pueblo, Colorado. Before starting motorcycle expeditions in Colombia he worked in the Peruvian Amazon as a wildlife photographer and marketing director for a group of luxury ecolodges in the Amazon jungle.



  • Worlds Largest Atlas - Jeff's work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous books and magazines. Two of his gigapixel photographs were recently published in “EARTH Platinum Edition”, the world’s largest atlas. Each page spread of this limited edition book measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m). Only 31 copies will be printed and will retail for $100,000 a copy.


  • 16 Gigapixel Machu Picchu - He also holds the record for the largest photo ever taken in Peru: a huge 22,000 megapixel panorama of the Miraflores district of Lima as well as the largest photo ever taken of Machu Picchu weighing in at 16,000 megapixels. The image can be seen at


  • Strange, Weird and Cool - The Amazing Wildlife Of The Amazon Jungle - Jeff spent 6 years as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon and published a photography book showing all the amazing creatures he discovered there. 




Predatory Glow Worm - A mysterious glowing worm was discovered lighting up the soil in the Peruvian rainforest.


Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears - Deep in the western Amazon rainforest, live butterflies drink turtle tears. That sounds like a line straight out of a fantasy novel, but it’s one hundred percent real life! It’s an unusual sight – swarms of butterflies flocking at the eyes of yellow-spotted river turtles, trying to get a sip. The poor turtles keep ducking or swatting, but the butterflies persist until they’ve had their fill.


Decoy Spider - A spider decoy built by a real spider (at the top of the decoy) in Peru. 


Web Tower Structure - Something in the Peruvian Amazon was found making weird, intricate structuresthat resemble white picket fences surrounding an Isengard-like spire.


Baby Harpy Eagle - Photographing the largest eagle in the world is difficult by itself but photographing the chick is the jungle equivalent of seeing a unicorn.


Searching for Uncontacted Tribes - Arranged a journey with National Geographic to one of the most remote and controversial area of the amazon to look for the "Nomole" a group of uncontacted tribes being threatened by logging, illegal gold mining and a controversial road being built at the tribes doorstep. 

His work has also been featured in:


  • Wired Magazine

  • National Geographic

  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

  • NBC News

  • Yahoo News

  • Huffington Post

  • London Telegraph

  • Techbang

  • Toronto Sun

  • as well as others



  • Rainforest Expeditions Youtube Chanel

  • Smarter Every Day Youtube Channel

  • BBC Weird World

  • EarthTouch News Podcast

  • Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

  • Multiple appearances on national television and radio in Peru