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THE ONLY RISK IS WANTING TO STAY!  - The number one question we’re asked regarding travel in Colombia is “Is it safe?” The answers is a resounding YES. For many years it wasn't. When people think of Colombia, the legacy of drug lords, kidnapping and the FARC guerrillas are what people first talk about. The reality is that Colombia is now one of the safest countries in Latin America.

THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR #1 PRIORITY – We’ve guided hundreds of motorcycle adventure riders in recent years and have enjoyed incredible tours without a single major problem, This is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, inhabited by some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet: be safety conscious and use common sense and your trip will be an experience you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

WILL I BE KIDNAPPED? - During the violent times in Colombia, kidnapping was used as a terror tactic and the ransoms provided a source of finance for the guerrillas. Now that the groups are gone, kidnapping isn't something that you'll find in Colombia. We routinely encounter Colombian military checkpoints that ensure safe travel throughout the country. We've led hundreds of tours around the country and have never had any problems with security.

WHAT ABOUT DRUG LORDS AND THE GUERRILLAS? - You many remember Colombia and especially Medellin from watching the original "Narcos" on Netflix and might want to know if the country is fully over its drug gang problems. You may have also heard that there was a rebel anti-government army called FARC hiding in the forests at one time.

THAT WAS IN THE PAST- We can safely say that the FARC is no longer a threat here and that these threats no longer exist. The trials and tribulations of the 80s and 90s seem to be very much a thing of the past which means that on a motorcycle tour here, you can explore regions of pristine wilderness that have only opened up to tourism in the last decade or so.

PEACE TREATY - The reduction in crime and a peace deal to end a 50-year conflict with the FARC communist rebels has encouraged a remarkable spike in tourism. In 2019, the country welcomed a record-breaking tourist crowd of over 5 million visitors. This has led to the construction of new international airports as well as major airlines flocking to add Colombia to their list of destinations. 

“NO DAR PAPAYA” -Literally “Don't give the papaya”, is a Colombian saying meaning “don't put yourself in a position where people can easily take advantage of you.Colombia is no more dangerous than any other developing nation. That’s to say, it’s not really very dangerous at all. Just take the regular precautions and you'll be totally ok. 

5 MILLION PEOPLE CAN'T BE WRONG - Over 5 million international travelers visit this land of jungles, beaches, volcanoes, and fertile valleys, every single year, and 99% of them go home with only exceptional memories of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


ROAD CONDITIONS -  We don’t recommend you ride after sunset, for reasons all experienced adventure bikers know all too well. Road conditions can deteriorate quickly and catch you off-guard, it’s much easier to lose your way (super fun during the day but not so much in pitch-black darkness), and your chances of (literally) running into wildlife, dogs, cattle, donkeys - or undesirable members of society – also increase exponentially. You can remove 90% of dangers simply by making sure you are off the bike, and off the road, by the time the sun has set.

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