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Per Motorcycle


Per Pillion / Passenger



Per Motorcycle


Per Pillion / Passenger

Trips are available anytime 

Just let us know what fits your schedule and we'll be ready.  

What's Included:


Everything Included - Our trips and rentals include reliable easy to ride motorcycles, all riding gear, beautiful hotels, and off-the-beaten-path locations for an authentic experience Colombian experience.

Adventure Motorcycle

Unlimited Mileage

Accommodations in hotels

All airport and hotel transfers

 All meals included

 Fuel and road tolls

Protective gear including helmet, jacket, gloves, knee protection

✓ Rain Gear

 Cellphone holder

✓ Wireless / USB Charger

 Basic emergency medical insurance

 High-quality 50 liter dry bags

 Locking 50 liter top box

 Tire repair kit including electric air pump and tire tubes

 Luggage storage at our office

 24 hour customer support for any needs or emergencies during the trip.​

What to Expect:​


Our routes are made for intermediate riders.

The mild off-road sections are simply unpaved roads where cars can easily drive.

Rides are at a relaxed pace and our guides are very patient with everyone.

We calculate 5 hours of actual driving time per day but with stops for pictures, breaks and lunch, each day is a full 8 hours of being out and about.

There is always plenty of time to explore the towns and have a nice relaxing meal after we arrive. 


For maximum comfort and convenience, we recommend that you bring your own riding gear but if you need something we have quality gear available for you at no extra charge. Boots and pants not included.



① All-Inclusive Guided Tours

Our all-inclusive tours include a knowledgeable local guide / mechanic, fully prepped adventure motorcycle, motorcycle gear, prepaid and booked hotels and all meals. Single occupancy hotel rooms- your own private room each night at no extra charge.


② Motorcycle + Hotels
aka Self-Guided + Hotels)

Our self-guided tours include a fully prepped adventure motorcycle, prepaid and booked hotels, motorcycle gear, detailed route map, and 24-hour customer support. Single occupancy hotel rooms- your own private room each night at no extra charge.



③ Motorcycle Rental Only
(aka Self-Guided)

Fully prepped adventure motorcycle rental. All motorcycle gear included as well as 24-hour customer support. Explore on your own or with a group of friends. Let us help you plan a great trip.


TOTAL DISTANCE / ? km (? mi) 
RIDING CONDITIONS / 100% Paved / 0% Off-Road

SKILL LEVEL /  Beginner Skill Level
MAX ELEVATION / ?m (? ft)
MIN ELEVATION / ? m (? ft)


All Paved Route

Lookout point at Las Palmas

Spectacular views in Corconá

Typical Colombian lunch in Corconá

Paragliding Optional


Easy Paved Riding

Cocorná is a small town located two hours from Medellín. The town is a popular place for watersports due to its many waterfalls, swimming holes, and river tubing locations. Its warm tropical climate makes it the perfect place to take a break from the cooler climates of Medellín and spend a day paragliding or swimming. 



The answer is a resounding YES. Colombia is exactly the opposite of what Netflix Narcos series portrays. People have to realize that Pablo Escobar was killed three decades ago. We've led hundreds of tours around the country and have never had any problems with security. 

Anthony Bourdain summed it up perfectly:

"If you want to find bad people in Colombia, you can surely find them, as you could in New York or Los Angeles. But nowhere have my crew and I been treated better or with more kindness and generosity. I'd bring my family on vacation there in a heartbeat. And hope to soon. As I said before: Colombians are proud. Let them show you what they are proud of."


Overlook Medellin

The trip to Cocorná is short and there are a couple of nice stops along the way. We recommend making your first stop at the Segundo Mirador De Las Palmas or Second Las Palmas Lookout Point. Located only a few minutes outside the city on your route, the lookout point offers a spectacular view across Medellín and the Aburrá Valley. If you want to grab a coffee or empanadas before heading out we recommend stopping at the Estadero El Zarzal located just a little further up the road. The route is easy and Google Maps will get you there, and all the other spots, with no trouble. 


Motorcycle Trip To Cocorna

The rest of the trip takes you down the highway while passing through some of the more populated outlying towns of Rio Negro, Guarne, and Marinilla before hitting the more rural areas closer to Cocorná. There are a couple of toll booths along the way but motorcycles don't need to pay and can pass the toll using a small lane located to the right of the toll booth. The route from Medellín to Cocorná is located on the Medellín - Bogotá highway so there will be traffic on the route until you reach Cocorná. 

Spectacular Views In Cocorna (Optional Paragliding)

Located on a ridge before arriving into Cocorná the Restaurante Ktarata restaurant offers amazing views of the valley and great food. You can also watch paragliders fly by your table as they circle around a nearby waterfall. The paragliding company is conveniently located next door to the restaurant. If you decide to fly we recommend eating lunch after the flight. 

Extend Your Trip

Local swimming holes, called charcos, make great places to swim. Balneario El Descanso is one of the more popular spots and is located a few minutes past the restaurant. This swimming zone is easily accessible and has a small restaurant nearby. If you’re looking for a place with fewer people we recommend heading past the village of Vereda La Piñuela and checking out the numerous swimming spots located along the Río Melcocho.

The route is beautiful and the riding is easy and its tons of fun catching fish with friends. The perfect day trip from Medellin. 


Trips are available anytime 

Just let us know what fits your schedule and we'll be ready.  

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