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Meet Jeff Cremer, Founder & Lead Adventurer - Colombia Motorcycle Adventures

The Man Behind the Handlebars

Passionate, adventurous, and endlessly curious, Jeff is the heart and soul of Colombia Motorcycle Adventures. With over 20 years of experience in Latin America, he's not just your average motorcycle enthusiast. He's an award-winning wildlife photographer, a certified scuba rescue diver, and a licensed private pilot, combining his love for exploration, photography, and motorcycles into a unique and thrilling business.

Jeff Cremer Motorcycle Cinnamon Pass
Jeff Cremer - Motorcycle Columbia Tour


  • Marketing Director Rainforest Expeditions - a Peruvian ecotourism company that operates several ecolodges in the Amazon rainforest, with a focus on sustainable tourism practices and indigenous community partnerships.  Guests at the lodges have the opportunity to observe wildlife, learn about conservation efforts, and participate in a range of nature-based activities. The organization's mission is to conserve the Amazon rainforest through responsible tourism, scientific research, and supporting local communities.

  • Professional Wildlife Photographer - Jeff spent six years as a professional wildlife photographer leading expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon, based primarily at the Tambopata Research Center.​​ His photographs have been featured in renowned publications like National Geographic, Wired Magazine, and NBC News.


  • Worlds Largest Atlas - Jeff's work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous books and magazines. Two of his gigapixel photographs were recently published in “EARTH Platinum Edition,” the world’s largest atlas. Each page spread of this limited edition book measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m). Only 31 copies will be printed and will retail for $100,000 a copy.


  • 16 Gigapixel Machu Picchu - He also holds the record for the largest photo ever taken in Peru: a huge 22,000-megapixel panorama of the Miraflores district of Lima as well as the largest photo ever taken of Machu Picchu, weighing in at 16,000 megapixels.

  • Strange, Weird, and Cool - The Amazing Wildlife Of The Amazon Jungle - Jeff spent six years as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon and published a photography book showing all the amazing creatures he discovered there. ​

Turtle in Amazon
royal flycatcher.jpg
Macaw Claylick

SUBMARINES - Triton Submarines LLC


  • Marketing consultant for Triton Submarines, the most experienced civil submarine and submersible manufacturer in the world.

  • Dove to over 1000ft in-depth on the Tongue of the Ocean, a deep oceanic trench in the Bahamas that reaches depths of over 6500ft.


PILOT - Jeff is a licensed private pilot with complex, high-performance aircraft and mountain flying checkouts. He is also a certified scuba rescue diver with dives all over South and Central America.

From the top of the world experiences to Medellin mountaintop rides, challenge yourself and embrace the off-road.
Relax and rejuvenate over 4 days

Jeff and Alan's Guide to Motorcycle Travel in Colombia

"Jeff and Alan's Guide to Motorcycle Travel in Colombia" is a must-read for any adrenaline-junkie planning an epic journey through South America's vibrant heartland. Drawing on their extensive on-road experience, the authors offer practical advice on everything from choosing the right gear, navigating Colombia's diverse landscapes, to understanding local traffic rules. ​This guide is filled with personal anecdotes, hidden routes, must-see locations, and tips on embracing Colombian culture. Jeff and Alan prove that the true spirit of motorcycle travel lies in the intersection of adventure and cultural immersion, making this guide an indispensable companion for the journey of a lifetime.


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