Off-Road Colombia - Journey to the Lost Emerald City

A true off-road motorcycle adventure on the backroads of Colombia


A unique experience to what was formerly the most dangerous place in Colombia Deep in the rugged eastern portion of the Colombian Andes in the department of Boyaca lies the town of Muzo, known as the Emerald Capital of The World. 


Formerly the most dangerous place in the world the region was sealed off from the outside world for decades due to intense fighting. The area is now open for the first time in decades after a peace treaty with the guerilla groups was signed.


Drive off-road through rugged terrain, cross mountain ranges, and streams see amazing vistas and waterfalls and finally get the chance to and interact with local emerald miners. You can even buy emeralds directly from the miners in the field!


Truly a once in a lifetime adventure and completely different than any other trip you have ever taken. The perfect group motorcycle adventure to hang out with your friends and experience a remote and rarely seen part of Colombia. 


​We've been there, it's safe and our clients find it one of the most interesting and fascinating places to discover.

Now grab some buddies and let's go explore Colombia on motorcycles!


  • Closed to the public for years.

  • Now open for the first time in decades after the peace treaty with the guerilla groups. 

  • Buy emeralds from miners in the field

  • Off-road motorcycle riding

  • Off-the-beaten-path

  • Waterfall in mountain top cave

  • Majestic views around every corner

  • Mine for your own emeralds

  • Visit rarely visited towns and villages

  • Great food, beer, and rum!


This is a rare tripache emerald, an emerald that was infused by carbon during its formation, causing the emerald to split off on each crystal face, causing a sort of gem flower!

DAY 1 - Medellin to Puerto Berríro


Leave Medellin in the morning and head off through Bello, Antioquia as we wind our way through the mountains of Colombia. After coming down from one mountain range we spend the night on the edge of the Magdelena River as we rest up for the next day. 

DAY 2 - Puerto Berríro to Windows of Tisquizoque


After breakfast and large coffee, we cross the hot plains and begin our ascent into Colombia's wild Cordillera Oriental mountain range.  We drive to Florian, Santander home of the Windows of Tisquizoque, a remote and rarely visited three-tiered waterfall plummets from a mountain cave with amazing views over the countryside.  We will spend the day exploring the huge 650ft cave, taking pictures, and swimming in the pool below the waterfall. 

DAY 3 - Florian, Santander to Muzo, Boyacá

Today we take the motorcycles to Muzo, Boyacá the world capital of emeralds.  Muzo is known not only for the number of emeralds in produces, but also for their superb quality and color with the Muzo mine producing the world's highest quality gems known for their warm, grassy-green color, with hints of yellow. 

DAY 4 - Emerald Mining in Muzo, Boyacá

Today we visit the Emerald mining area.  In the 1980s drug dealers fought the country's leading emerald mining families for rights to the emeralds.  The mine owners fought back, turning Muzo into the most dangerous place in Colombia, and by the end of the decade more than 6,000 people had been killed. Inevitably - as is often the case in Colombia - many of them were civilians caught up in the gun battles between rival paramilitary forces. 


Now Muzo is a peaceful and beautiful place where we will be able to watch informal emerald miners known as guaqeros scour the river beds along the Itoco river in the Muzo valley in search of the precious stones.  This is a great opportunity for documentary photography as well as a chance to speak with emerald miners about life in the mining camps and surrounding areas. 


DAY 5 - Muzo, Boyacá to Medellin


The adventure isn't over yet. Get ready from off-road motorcycle riding as we leave from Muzo and drive through the heart of the Colombias Emerald mining zone passing through the towns of Coscuez and Otanche. The area is extremely remote but at the same time very beautiful and awe-inspiring. We drop down from the mountain range and cross the plains of Colombia again before winding up into the mountain range of Medellin and ending the trip back home in the beautiful Aburrá valley. 

INCLUDED All our motorcycle rentals include everything you need to have a great motorcycle trip in Colombia:

  • Bilingual Guide / Adventure Photographer - Kawasaki Versys-X 300 or Honda XR

  • Motorcycles - Kawasaki Versys-X 300 or Honda XRE300 adventure motorcycles

  • Unlimited Kilometers - Drive wherever you want without having to worry about extra charges for mileage/kilometers

  • Hotels - Awesome hotel in Sonsón, Hot springs hotel in Nariño

  • Breakfast - Breakfast included 

  • Helmet - High-quality helmets with integrated sun visors

  • Gloves - We provide nice gloves

  • Jacket - High-quality motorcycle gear that keeps you safe and dry through all the climates that Colombia has to offer. 

  • Cell Phone Holder - RAM® X-Grip® phone holder to keep your device secure and accessible while navigating.

  • USB Charger - Charge your phone while you ride.

  • Top box - Huge 48 liter top box for all your things. The box also has a padded backrest so passengers can travel comfortably.

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Medical Insurance - (Just in case)


  • Lunch and dinner

  • Snacks and drinks


  • A valid motorcycle class driver’s license

  • Credit card to leave a $500USD security deposit in case  the motorcycle suffers any damages


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