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Motorcycle rental in Medellin. We are Colombias specialist in adventure motorcycles and adventure touring motorcycles.  Our motorcycles are equipped with road tires, a smooth suspension, and power that makes for a comfortable ride on paved roads. They are also equipped with bigger gas tank, beefier parts, as well as a few extra pieces to protect the bike from wear and tear. These motorcycles are perfect for comfortable, long distance touring but are also capable to take you mud, rocks and river-crossings if thats where you decide to go. 

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Colombia Phone: +57 321 491 7060

Enjoy the Ride!!


The DR650 - The Best Dual Sport Motorcycle In The World

Ready to rent a motorcycle in Colombia and go on a motorcycle adventure in Colombia? We have the perfect bike for you: the Suzuki DR650. 


For a 650cc single cylinder, this bike has a lot of low end torque, and a decent high end. It is among the most stable bikes I have ever owned, as the tall, knobby wheels really hold the ground well. The bike corners well, and with its light weight, and is very nimble. The gauges are easy to read, and everything is quite accessible.

  • South America Adventure Motorcycle: Even the most hardened adventurers get a misty glow in their eyes as they start talking about their next great journey and how the DR650 could take them there. ‘Bulletproof’, ‘easy to find spares’, ‘go anywhere’ … these descriptions crop up again and again. The 650 has tons of power and a tall ride height so if you're a big dude or a tall dude or simply want to rent the best bike for a South America motorcycle trip then this is the bike for you. Chuck Norris rides a DR...nuff said! Rent this motorcycle in Colombia and start your South America motorcycle trip today.  

  • Long Distance Touring - In everyday riding, with a combination of freeway and local roads, mileage is around 50.5 mpg, which gives you a range to empty of around 150 miles. On the open dirt roads the DR650 is simply tons of fun to ride, great on fuel, even if you are a little throttle happy. I've had some great days in the saddle, covering lots of backcountry miles at average speeds which would surprise lots of road bike owners.

  • Neck Snapping Torque -  You're going to be surprised at how much power the single-cylinder produces. The torquey engine is rated at 43 horsepower and has plenty of power for accelerating and climbing grades. It does surprisingly well at highway speeds; 80 mph (please don't drive that fast) is comfortable and top speed is north of 100 mph (please don't ride this fast either).

  • Extreme Reliability - There's no fancy high-tech fuel injection or ride-by-wire system or computers to leave you stranded far from home. Simple air cooling is used, with an external oil cooler on the right side to take away engine heat. This reduces weight and eliminates the need for a water pump, thermostat, plumbing, a radiator and fan, all of which are subject to damage and failure and makes this motorcycle reliable almost to a fault.

  • DR650 Weight - The DR650S is light weight and easy to maneuver, especially for a 650cc-class dual-sport machine, with a wet weight of 366 pounds.

  • DR650 Seat Height - Seat height is a lofty 885 mm (34.8 inches), but that isn’t a surprise on a proper off-road bike with gobs of ground clearance.

$85USD Per Day

(Tax Included)

We have 3 of these bikes! 

​All our motorcycle rentals include everything you need to have a great motorcycle trip in Colombia:



  • Unlimited Kilometers - Drive wherever you want without having to worry about extra charges for mileage/kilometers

  • Helmet - High quality helmets with integrated sun visors

  • Cell Phone Holder - keep your device secure and accessible while navigating.

  • USB Charger - Charge your phone while you drive

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Medical Insurance - (Just in case)

  • Trip Planning Advice - I know lots of great places to ride. Just ask and I’d be happy to recommend some cool places.

  • Roadside Assistance - In the event of an emergency or breakdown 24 hour roadside assistance is also included in our policies.

  • Emergency Tool Kit and Spares - Our bikes come with an emergency toolkit that contains everything you need to change a tire and perform general maintenance and repairs in remote places. The kit includes spare tire tubes, wrench set, valve stem remover, tire tools, first aid kit and emergency rain gear. 

  • Gloves - We provide nice gloves

  • Jacket - High quality motorcycle gear that keeps you safe and dry through all the climates that Colombia has to offer. 

  • Top box - Huge 48 liter top box for all your things. The box also has a padded back rest so passengers can travel comfortably.

Requirements to rent a motorcycle:

- Driver's license for motorcycles

- At least 1 year since issued.

- You are OK to ride with you driver license from back home without the need of any special or additional documentation.
- Passport
- Minimum 20 years of age.
​- Credit card with sufficient funds for security deposit.

What is not included?

- Fuel (please bring the bike back on a full tank of gas)
- Special authorization to enter Ecuador, Venezuela or any other country outside of Colombia.

Security deposit:

  • All bikes require a $500 security deposit. 

  • Deposits are held for 5 business days after the moto is brought back and are returned on the 6th business day. This allows us time to inspect the bike for any damages and allows time for any traffic violations infractures to be received.

  • You are responsible for any damages caused to the motorcycle during the rental period.