The DR650 - The Best Dual Sport Motorcycle In The World

Rental Rates Per Day:

1 - 6 Days - $95USD 

7 - 13 Days  - $90USD 

14+ Days - $85USD 



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Such an amazing experience, he helped us so much with all the routes and questions that we had. The bikes are in excellent condition, we rented a Suzuki 650 and our trip was awesome. I really recommend this place to anyone that is interested in renting or having a tour, this is a really 5 Star company! - Erick Trujillo"

Rental Rates Per Day:

1 - 7 Days - $95USD 

8 - 14 Days  - $90USD 

15+ Days - $85USD 

Delivery Service - Have your motorcycle delivered directly to your AirBnB or hotel. 

We offer round trip drop off and pickup service for $50USD

Suzuki DR650 - Motorcycle Rent Medellin

It's the bike that Colombian police use and what Australians call it the "Bush Pig" Others call it  “the little tractor” but pretty much everyone calls it the worlds best dual-sport motorcycle. Simple, durable, reliable, and basically invincible, even the most hardened adventurers get a misty glow in their eyes as they start talking about their next great journey and how the DR650 could take them there. 


For a 650cc single-cylinder, this bike has a lot of low-end torque, and a decent high end. It's also among the most stable and forgiving bikes I have ever owned and will suit a newer rider fine. The bike corners well, and lightweight makes it surprisingly nimble making it the perfect motorcycle to rent in Colombia. The gauges are easy to read, and everything is quite accessible. The 21-inch front tire gives good directional control on gravel roads but is still fine for fast riding on sealed roads with the standard tires. Although it doesn’t have the marque prestige of the popular European brand that begins with a B and ends with a W, it’s definitely one of the most awesome bikes out there. The only thing it's missing is a fuel gauge. This is easily one of the best motorcycle rental in Medellin.

Here is why the DR650 is so awesome:


  • Extreme Durability and Reliability - The DR’s simple reliability is positively legendary. Keep it maintained and it will run for a LONG time without issues. In fact, there are numerous reports of DR650's with over 80k miles on them. There's no fancy high-tech fuel injection or ride-by-wire system or computers to leave you stranded far from home. Simple air cooling is used, with an external oil cooler.