The DR650 - The Best Dual Sport Motorcycle In The World

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We have 3 of these bikes! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Such an amazing experience, he helped us so much with all the routes and questions that we had. The bikes are in excellent condition, we rented a Suzuki 650 and our trip was awesome. I really recommend this place to anyone that is interested in renting or having a tour, this is a really 5 Star company! - Erick Trujillo"

It's the bike that Colombian police use and what Australians call it the "Bush Pig" Others call it  “the little tractor” but pretty much everyone calls it the worlds best dual-sport motorcycle. Simple, durable, reliable, and basically invincible, even the most hardened adventurers get a misty glow in their eyes as they start talking about their next great journey and how the DR650 could take them there. 


For a 650cc single-cylinder, this bike has a lot of low-end torque, and a decent high end. It's also among the most stable and forgiving bikes I have ever owned and will suit a newer rider fine. The bike corners well, and lightweight makes it surprisingly nimble making it the perfect motorcycle to rent in Colombia. The gauges are easy to read, and everything is quite accessible. The 21-inch front tire gives good directional control on gravel roads but is still fine for fast riding on sealed roads with the standard tires. Although it doesn’t have the marque prestige of the popular European brand that begins with a B and ends with a W, it’s definitely one of the most awesome bikes out there. The only thing it's missing is a fuel gauge.

Here is why the DR650 is so awesome:


  • Extreme Durability and Reliability - The DR’s simple reliability is positively legendary. Keep it maintained and it will run for a LONG time without issues. In fact, there are numerous reports of DR650's with over 80k miles on them. There's no fancy high-tech fuel injection or ride-by-wire system or computers to leave you stranded far from home. Simple air cooling is used, with an external oil cooler.

  • Adjustable Seat Height  - The DR650 seat height is good for taller riders at an 885 mm (34.8-inch) seat height. We can reduce the seat height by 100mm (4-inches) lower to fit shorter riders. The lowest seat height would be 785mm (30.9-inches).


  • Lots of Torque -  You're going to be surprised at how much power the single-cylinder produces. The torquey engine has plenty of power for accelerating and climbing grades and is more than enough for Colombian roads. That being said, the torque isn’t so much for the bike to get away from you if you accidentally drop the clutch or pin the throttle but it's definitely enough to have a ton of fun riding through all the twists and curves of Colombia.

  • Long Distance Touring - In everyday riding, with a combination of freeway and local roads, mileage is around 50.5 mpg, which gives you a range to empty of around 200 kilometers (120 miles) using a stock fuel tank. On the open dirt roads, the DR650 is simply tons of fun to ride, great on fuel, even if you are a little throttle happy.


Suzuki DR650 - Motorcycle Rent Medellin
Suzuki DR650 - Motorcycle Rent Medellin


We aim to provide you with the best value for your money. Our motorcycle rentals include all the high-quality gear you need to have great motorcycle trip in Colombia at no extra cost:

  • Unlimited Kilometers - Drive wherever you want without having to worry about extra charges for mileage/kilometers

  • Helmet - High-quality helmets with integrated sun visors

  • Cell Phone Holder with Wireless and USB Charging- Charge your phone and navigate while you drive.

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Medical Insurance - (Just in case)

  • Trip Planning Advice - I know lots of great places to ride. Just ask and I’d be happy to recommend some cool places.

  • High-quality Oxford T50 dry bags - 50-liter dry bags for all your gear. Use our included Rok Straps to quickly secure your bag to the back and off you go! The Oxford T50 is an all-weather bag featuring a roll top and TPU construction for maximum protection from the elements.

  • Emergency Tool Kit and Spares - Our motorcycles come with everything you need to change a tire and perform general maintenance and repairs in remote places. The kit includes spare tire tubes, electric air pump, wrench set, valve stem remover, tire tools, first aid kit. Best of all, everything is small and lightweight and fits right into your top box or dry bag. 

  • Tour Master Sentinel Law Enforcement Rain JacketsHigh-Quality Emergency Rain Gear Waterproof and breathable Rip Stop Nylon shell Hi-Viz Yellow with 3M Scotchlite reflective striping.

  • GPS Tracking Device - So we know where you are if you need help.

  • Decade Motorsport Gloves - We provide ergonomics gloves in all sizes for men and women. S, M, L, and XL sizes are available.

  • Jacket - High-quality motorcycle gear that keeps you safe and dry through all the climates that Colombia has to offer. 

  • Top box - Huge 48 liter top box for all your things. The box also has a padded backrest so passengers can travel comfortably.

  • Motorcycle Protection - Our bikes come with tough lateral Crash Bars, Skid Plates, and Hand Guards in case you drop the bike. 

  • Luggage Storage - You are more than welcome to leave your luggage at our office.

  • Motorcycle Lowering Kit - If you're a shorter rider we can add a lowering kit to the bike to make it the perfect ride height for you.


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+57 321 491 7060

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