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Per Motorcycle




Trips are available anytime 

Just let us know what fits your schedule and we'll be ready.  


On-Road, off-road, low-cost and luxury, From the high altitude mountains to low lying valleys, this trip has it all

TOTAL DISTANCE / ? km (? mi) 
RIDING CONDITIONS / ?% Paved / ?% Off-Road

MAX ELEVATION / ? m (? ft)
MIN ELEVATION / ? m (? ft)




Mountain roads

Off-road riding

Honda colonial town

Emerald Mining Region

Gigantic Waterfalls and Caves

Coffee Region

Chicamocha Canyon



Nevado Ruiz Stratovolcano


Hot Springs

Colombia Motorcycle Tour Map
Botique Hotels
Views from hotel
Gourmet food
IMG_5573 (1)
Rainbow over Colombian farmland
Kawasaki Versys-X 300
Guatape Colombia Motorcycle Tour
Guatape Colombia Motorcycle Tour
Guatape Colombia Motorcycle Tour
Cerro Tusa near Venecia, Colombia
Overlook at Venecia, Colombia
Overlook at Venecia, Colombia
Typical Colombian House

If there is a place on earth that‘s made for the eye, the camera and our motorcycles, it is surely Colombia. The Ultimate Colombia Motorcycle Tour is an all encompassing sixteen day loop, that is a combination of paved and off-road motorcycle riding. Departing Medellín and adventuring through the Andean mountain range and into the wild emerald mining region of Colombia then into the calm beauty of the Colombias Coffee Triangle. The route combines days of pure adventure with other days of relaxing in beautiful boutique hotels. Along this route you will get to explore all Colombia has to offer. This unforgettable journey will take you not only through epic landscapes, but also delivers an authentic experience of Colombia’s food, culture, and world class views. 


As we take off from Medellín, also known as the "City of Eternal Spring"’ we will make our way to the famous rock of Guatape. We then ride into the rainforest of Rio Claro then to Bucaramanga, the capital of Santander. 


Our route then takes us heading south cutting through the second largest canyon on earth to the picturesque town of Barichara. We then conquering backroads as we make our way to the rarely visited emerald mining zone where we will have the chance to interact with artesian miners. Once we’re done, it’s back on the roads to Colombia’s coffee region where we ride across mountain ranges and stay at hot springs hotels. Finally, we end our adventure back in Medellín. 


Come ride with us to discover the allure of Colombia from the back roads.

Trips are led by professional travel and wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer. Jeff worked as a photographer in the Peruvian Amazon for six years and has had his work featured in National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine and the BBC. Tour the most beautiful and picture-worthy locations in the country to get an experience and the pictures of a lifetime. You will not only tour Colombia from your bike, you will focus on truly seeing, photographing and experiencing it in all of its dimensions...its beauty, its culture and its people. 


  • Medellín

  • Guatape

  • Mountain roads

  • Off-road riding

  • Honda colonial town

  • Emerald Mining Region

  • Gigantic Waterfalls and Caves

  • Coffee Region

  • Chicamocha Canyon

  • Barichara

  • Nevado Ruiz Stratovolcano

  • Hot Springs



Luxury Guided Trip

Includes boutique hotels, guide and motorcycle).  Luxury accommodations are provided on this trip and are some of the best boutique hotels in Colombia

  • $4000 per person based on double occupancy

Motorcycle Rental Only (hotels not included):

  • Price Per Rider: $1040USD ($65USD/Day)

  • Add Pillion/Passenger $400USD ($25USD/Day)


Add One Way Rental:

Pick up in Medellin and drop off in Bogota, Cali or Cartagena

  • Price per motorcycle: $150USD


Day 1 - Medellín - Guatape

We will cruise out of town in the coolness of the early morning, just as the city begins to wake, onto the highway east toward the resort town of Guatapé. About a 2 hour ride from Medellin, the colonial town of Guatapé sits on the shores of a crystal blue reservoir. 


Climb the nearby “El Peñon de Guatape” for an unforgettable 360-degree view of the landscape the is known as the “the top of the rock with the best view in the world.”  We will then walk the streets of the town, snapping photos of the brightly colored houses. We will also have a chance to dine on fresh empanadas and drink ice cold cerveza michelada.

Day 2 - Guatape - Rio Claro

we will stop by the Rio Claro. Rio Claro means “Clear River” in Spanish, and as long as it’s not raining, the river lives up to its names with crystal clear waters. We can stroll the shaded paths through the Amazon rainforest as monkeys swing from the branches above and birds call from the treetops as well as explore the banks of the Rio Claro, investigating the natural caves, swimming areas, and countless species of plants and animals.

Day 3 - Rio Claro - Bucaramanga

Todays ride is kinda long. It takes us from Rio Claro to the town of Bucaramanga. 

Day 4 - Bucaramanga - Barichara via Chicamocha Canyon

Today we take a spectacular ride through the second largest canyon in the world, the Chicamocha Canyon arriving at the Spanish colonial town of Barichara. Nestled in the mountains, Barichara is the kind of town that Hollywood filmmakers dream about. A Spanish colonial town saturated with atmosphere, it boasts cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings with red-tiled roofs that look almost as new as the day they were constructed some 300 years ago. It's no wonder that many Spanish-language films and telenovelas are shot here. 

Day 5 - Barichara - Rest day in Barichara

The day is yours to explore! Rafting, Masage, Spa Treatments, Coffee tours, horseback riding, bird watching, the activities are endless. Enjoy your day relaxing and taking in the sights of Salento.

Day 6 - Barichara to Barbosa


Today we begin our ascent into Colombias wild Cordillera Oriental mountain range.

Day 7 - Barbosa to Florian

After breakfast and coffee we drive to Florian, Santander home of the Windows of Tisiquizoque, a remote and rarely visited three-tiered waterfall plummets from a mountain cave with amazing views over the countryside.  We will spend the day exploring the huge 650ft cave, taking pictures and swimming in the pool below the waterfall. 


Day 8 - Florian to Muzo

Today we take the motorcycles to Muzo, Boyacá the world capital of emeralds.  Muzo is known not only for the quantity of emeralds in produces, but also for their superb quality and color with the Muzo mine producing the world's highest quality gems known for their warm, grassy-green color, with hints of yellow. 

Day 9 - Muzo Emerald Mining

Today we visit the Emerald mining area.  In the 1980’s drug dealers fought the country's leading emerald mining families for rights to the emeralds.  The mine owners fought back, turning Muzo into the most dangerous place in Colombia and by the end of the decade more than 6,000 people had been killed. Inevitably - as is often the case in Colombia - many of them were civilians caught up in the gun battles between rival paramilitary forces.

Now Muzo is a peaceful and beautiful place where we will be able to watch informal emerald miners known as guaqeros scour the river beds along the Itoco river in the Muzo valley in search of the precious stones.  This is a great opportunity for documentary photography as well as a chance to speak with emerald miners about life in the mining camps and surrounding areas. 

Day 10 - Muzo to Honda

Off-Road Motorcycle riding to the town of Honda. 


Day 11 - Honda to Nevado Ruiz

Today we tackle the worlds longest road climb. Alto de Letras is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.679m (12,070ft) above the sea level, located in central Colombia. It’s said to be the longest road climb in the world.  The climb starts at a sub-tropical 468 meters, in the town of Mariquita, and tops out at an arctic 3.679 meters. We end the day at a hot springs hotel located next to the Nevado de Ruiz stratovolcano. 

Day 12 - Nevado Ruiz to Salento

We take a short drive to the south to Salento, a charming town in the Andes, known for its coffee culture and beautiful scenery. You’ll have the afternoon free to roam the city. Take a walk on Calle Real, Salento’s premier road full of local craft shops and vibrant colonial architecture painted in rainbow hues. Just a short drive away, you may also visit Cocora Valley where world's tallest palm trees look like the whimsical kind of plant you'd find in a Dr. Seuss story.

Day 13 - Rest Day Salento

The day is yours to explore! Masage, Spa Treatments, Coffee tours, horseback riding, bird watching, the activities are endless. Enjoy your day relaxing and taking in the sights of Salento.

Day 14 - Salento to Jardin

Today we ride the ridges to the beautiful town of Jardin. 


Day 15 - Jardin to Jerico

Jercio is an awesome little town about 3 hours outside of Medellin and makes a great motorcycle day trip from Medellin. The road to get there is absolutely beautiful and there are tons of activities in town. Lots of people talk about visiting Jardin but in my opinion its and the drive isn't as cool and I really recommend Jerico.


Day 16 - Jerico to Medellin

This marks the final day of our epic journey across Colombia. Riders will now part ways and head back home. For those riders that couldn’t get enough of Colombia, let us know and we can arrange extra days to stay.​

INCLUDED All our motorcycle rentals include everything you need to have a great motorcycle trip in Colombia:

  • Bilingual Guide / Adventure Photographer - Kawasaki Versys-X 300 or Honda XR

  • Motorcycles - Kawasaki Versys-X 300 or Honda XRE300 adventure motorcycles

  • Unlimited Kilometers - Drive wherever you want without having to worry about extra charges for mileage/kilometers

  • Hotels - Awesome hotel in Sonsón, Hot springs hotel in Nariño

  • Breakfast - Breakfast included 

  • Helmet - High-quality helmets with integrated sun visors

  • Gloves - We provide nice gloves

  • Jacket - High-quality motorcycle gear that keeps you safe and dry through all the climates that Colombia has to offer. 

  • Cell Phone Holder - RAM® X-Grip® phone holder to keep your device secure and accessible while navigating.

  • USB Charger - Charge your phone while you ride.

  • Top box - Huge 48 liter top box for all your things. The box also has a padded backrest so passengers can travel comfortably.

  • SOAT - Colombia's mandatory liability insurance

  • Medical Insurance - (Just in case)


  • Lunch and dinner

  • Snacks and drinks


  • A valid motorcycle class driver’s license

  • Credit card to leave a $500USD security deposit in case  the motorcycle suffers any damages

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