How We Pick Our Hotels

Relaxing hot springs,  beautiful night skies, hummingbird gardens

From relaxing hot springs and beautiful night skies to hummingbird gardens and amazing vistas, we pride ourselves on using small, independent, family run hotels that have character and charm and are the perfect place to relax after a long day of motorcycle riding through the best places in Colombia.

  • Non-Touristy - Motorcycle travel in South America is about exploring new places and experiencing new things. We don’t want to see the overrated sights every other visitor sees; we want to dig deeper and experience the heart of a city and live like locals. Our hotels (and motorcycle trips) are non-tourist spots that are off the beaten path and offer a different kind of experience from popular travel destinations.

  • Rare Gems - If the 4 Seasons had a mini-hotel these would be it. Attentive staff, large rooms, big comfortable beds, and lots of extra little touches to make these hotels the perfect place to unwind after a long day of motorcycling. Some even have hot tubs!

  • Relaxing hot springs,  beautiful night skies, hummingbird gardens – We pride ourselves on using small, independent, family-run hotels that have character and charm. Our hotels are off the beaten path but always beautiful. If you're ready to unplug yourself from the daily grind and admire the wonderful landscapes of Colombia these hotels are the place for you. 

  • Great Colombian Food – Colombia has really good food! You can enjoy a wide variety of new foods that you can't find at home from juicy steaks and chorizo (spicy sausage) to a huge selection of natural juices such as Lulo, Guabana, and Tomate del Arbol.