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Constant Tension Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

  • Constant Tension for Shifting Loads - Our constant tension straps incorporate a stretchable rubber strap that works to maintain constant tension, keeping your cargo stable even on rough rides even when loads shift or compress.

Cargo Strap Features:

  • Flat Webbing: Reduces pressure on the load for secure transport without damage.

  • Oversized Heavy Duty Buckles: These buckles are 93% larger than standard side release buckles, offering enhanced strength and reliability.

  • Durability: Buckles are UV-resistant, and resistant to shattering and cracking, ensuring long-term usability.

  • Vehicle Protection: Soft webbing loop connection points prevent damage to your vehicle.

  • Weather Resistant: The material is corrosion-proof and rot-resistant, suitable for all environments.

  • Safety Features: Designed without sharp hooks to ensure safety during handling and transport.

These straps are ideal for ensuring that everything from daily gear to outdoor adventure equipment stays put without damaging the vehicle's surface. Designed specifically for light duty applications such as motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles etc. 

Ideal For Light Duty Applications:

  • Holding down surfboards, sailboards, and similar items on vehicle roof racks.

  • Securely transporting items on motorcycles, including on pillion seats.

  • General light load securing needs for daily transport and travel requirements.

How To Use Our Motorcycle Cargo Straps

  1. Attach the Rubber Strap Wrap one end of the rubber strap around a mounting point and feed it through its own loop.

  2. Attach the Webbing Strap Wrap one end of the webbing strap around a mounting point and feed it through its own loop until secured.

  3. Connect and Tighten Connect the quick-release buckle then adjust the length of the strap. Pull the loose end to tighten the strap around the cargo. The elastic section of the Strap helps maintain tension, keeping your load secure.

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