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Requirements to rent a motorcycle:

- Driver's license for motorcycles

- At least 1 year since issued.

- You are OK to ride with you driver license from back home without the need of any special or additional documentation.
- Passport
- Minimum 20 years of age.
​- Credit card with sufficient funds for security deposit.

What is not included?

- Fuel.
- Special authorization to enter Ecuador, Venezuela or any other country outside of Colombia.

$80 Per Day

(10% discount with 10 or more rental days)

The new Bajaj Dominar 400 wears a lot of hats and fulfills many roles. Described as a power cruiser, the Dominar 400 is the one-in-all motorcycle every rider seeks:

A daily commuter, performance cruiser and most of all, the long distance tourer promising easy ride ability and comfort.


The Dominar is a performance-oriented motorcycle with modern features and comes with modern styling, ABS brakes, digital gauge cluster and of course an awesome 400cc motor with lots of torque.


The engine has a lot of torque but without the overwhelming acceleration of a super sport bike making it perfect for newer riders to use for a motorcycle trip through Colombia.


And while not overwhelming, you can be assured that it has more than enough grunt for effortless cruising - be it on the highway or on uphill while on trips through Colombia. 


What is included?

- Medical Insurance
- Unlimited KMS.
- Helmet

- SOAT (Colombia's mandatory liability insurance)

Security deposit:

- All bikes require a $1000 security deposit. 

- Deposits are held for 5 business days after the moto is brought back and are returned on the 6th business day. This allows us time to inspect the bike for any damages and allows time for any traffic violations infractures to be received.

- You are responsible for any damages caused to the motorcycle during the rental period. 

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