Colombia Hot Springs Hotel
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Bandeja Paisa is a typical meal in Antioquia
Hand feeding hummingbirds on the Nevado Ruiz volcano.
Salamina & the Samaria Valley
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Exploring the Páramo in Colombia
Termales Del Ruiz Hotel near Manizales
Colombian empanada with spicy sauce
Paul Some Off-Road Riding in Colombia
Colombia Paramo
Hand feeding hummingbirds on the Nevado Ruiz volcano.


Motorcycle Tours In Colombia Guided By Women, For Women

We know that women have a lot in common and that the bonding experience is as important as the next day's ride. Build your riding confidence, bond with new friends and feel free to be yourself and do what you love - riding motorcycles. Our tours feature small group sizes, a leisurely pace, clean and safe hotels, and a friendly, no pressure all women environment.

And of course the beautiful lush scenery of the Colombian countryside. Visit wax palm forests, volcanos, hummingbirds, hot springs, quaint isolated villages and spectacular scenery. If you’re looking to experience the best of Colombia and only have a week, we highly recommend this trip.

“We want to be more inclusive and get away from the idea that motorcycle riding is a man's only sport,” says tour guide Natalia Duque. “We surveyed hundreds of women to create activities and routes specifically for women riders and incorporated it all into our most popular seven day loop around the beautiful Colombian coffee region.” 


Is Colombia safe for women motorcycle riders?  - The answer is a resounding YES. Over 5 million international travelers visit this land of jungles, beaches, volcanoes, and fertile valleys, every single year, all of them go home with exceptional memories of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


We’ve guided hundreds of motorcycle adventure trips in recent years, many with female riders, with zero safety issues. Experienced female Colombian guides lead the trips and have extensive local knowledge of the area, culture and people so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


Easy to Maneuver Motorcycles - With women motorcycle riders in mind, we offer lightweight motorcycles with low seat height, which are easy to manage and non-intimidating. The bikes are, however, powerful enough to offer an exhilarating experience riding through the backcountry of Colombia.


Female Riding Gear - We offer a selection of female tailored jackets, helmets and gloves in a variety of sizes and colors and at no extra cost. This allows you to pack light so don’t have to carry bags of bulky gear onto the airplane. Riders will look good and feel comfortable during their trip. 

Available Year Round - Trips are available at any time for one rider or an entire group of friends.



The answer is a resounding YES. We routinely encounter Colombian military checkpoints that ensure safe travel throughout the country. We've led hundreds of tours around the country and have never had any problems with security. 

Anthony Bourdain summed it up perfectly:

"If you want to find bad people in Colombia, you can surely find them, as you could in New York or Los Angeles. But nowhere have my crew and I been treated better or with more kindness and generosity. I'd bring my family on vacation there in a heartbeat. And hope to soon. As I said before: Colombians are proud. Let them show you what they are proud of."


GAIA GPS Colombia Motorcycle Trip Route


Day 1 - Medellin – Sonson

Recommended Hotel: El Tesoro

Overnight Parking: Sonson Parking

This is going to be an interesting trip. Today we ride to the former guerilla conflict zone of Sonson. Sonson has been off-limits for decades due to guerilla activity. Although it's safe now there is very little information on the internet about the area. Consequently, it’s untouched by tourism which makes it the perfect place to get an authentic taste of Colombia. 


The ride to Sonson is great. One of the best things about this ride is the miles and miles of exciting twists and turns. Ups, downs, ascending curves, descending curves, increasing radius curves, decreasing radius curves. You’re going to get a ton of riding experience on just this one road. The pavement here is in good shape and as is the case in lots of areas in the countryside, there is very little traffic.

Midway we’re going to stop off at Luisa’s house and have a cup of local coffee called tinto. If you like kids you’ll be delighted to meet her twin toddlers. Tourists never stop here and you’ll see how happy she is to talk with us. Besides being a fun way to connect with the locals, it's a way to directly support a family business.


The town of Sonson is located at a high elevation but we’re going to climb even higher. The Paramo de Sonson is a lookout point that stands at over 10,000ft in elevation. The lookout has a scenic view of the fog rolling across the cloud forest and nearby valley. By now it will be late afternoon and we’ll head back to town to check in to our hotel and grab a pizza and a beer. 


We stay at the El Tesoro hotel located on the main square. This is a 200-year-old mansion that has been converted into a unique hotel. Unlike other hotels, this one hasn't been updated and still retains its original charm. In addition, the hotel is somewhat of a museum and is filled with an eclectic collection of antiques. Looking over everything will keep you captivated for hours. 


Located next door to the hotel is a great pizza restaurant. From the second-story balcony, we can enjoy a brick oven pizza while people-watching on the main square. It’s good to note that Sonson leaves the warm weather of Guatape behind. Located at 8,100ft you’ll want to bring a jacket because it's going to be cold at night.

Day 2 - Sonsón to Pensilvania

Recommended Hotel: Colina Plaza

Overnight Parking: Pensilvania Parking

Instead of heading directly to Salamina today,  we will drive from Sonson down into the jungle. From there, we take the backroads across the mountains to the isolated villages located in the department of Caldas. One of the most beautiful roads I've ever seen!

Day 3 - Pensilvania to Salamina
Recommended Hotel: Salamina Highs

Overnight Parking: Salamina Parking

Salamina is Colombia's best-kept secret. Tucked away in a far off corner of the coffee region, the beauty of Salamina is a sight to behold. The town itself is situated on the peak of a mountain, with entire streets sometimes appearing as if they are about to slide off the side of the mountain. Once we enter the town, we see why it has earned national heritage status. Houses climb the sloping streets with each one seeming determined to outdo its neighbors. Elaborate woodworking takes the form of intricately decorated doors, windows, balconies, and zócalos (the distinct lower sections of the whitewashed facades). It's hard to walk the streets of Salamina without constantly looking upward at the flower-filled balconies.


A gorgeous bronze basin fountain made in Paris sits in the central plaza surrounded by tall trees and benches. In 1900 the fountain was brought to town on the back of ox and mules. Since then it has become a symbol of the region. There are also various restaurants surrounding the main square where you can try typical local dishes, including the local favorite of steamed eggs (Huevos al Vapor), made with the help of an espresso machine. 


The road from Sonson is unpaved but in good condition. Almost as soon as we leave Sonson we have to stop to take photos of the expansive valley right outside of town. The rest of the ride consists of windy roads and spectacular views of the surrounding coffee and sugarcane plantations. In the middle of the trip, we drop into a warm valley and cross a bridge over a white water river before winding back into the mountains on the other side. Just before we arrive in town, there's a panoramic view of the town precariously sitting on the top of a hill. Once we arrive, we feel like you have somehow discovered a special place that hardly any other foreigner has set eyes upon. 


One of the nicer boutique options in Salamina is the Salamina Highs hotel. Formerly a coffee hacienda, the owners have beautifully restored the house and converted it into a charming boutique hotel. The property is complete with spacious rooms, king-sized beds, and a beautiful courtyard with jasmine trees and a jacuzzi. The hotel has a perfect location and is only a two-minute walk from the main square.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Google Maps isn't 100% accurate

  • I've had people try to drive from Sonson to Salamina with Google Maps and it took them down some sort of walking path. If you are driving from Sonson to Salamina please be sure to ask the people to show you the road to Salamina. 

  • Also, note that the road to Salamina is a big unpaved road that cars and big trucks drive down. It's not a walking path.

  • GAIA GPS is accurate. I recommend getting a paid subscription to GAIA GPS and downloading the map to your phone. 

  • Remember, I'm always available to help you. Just give me a call and I'll help you out in any way I can. 

Day 4 - Free Day in Salamina

Recommended Hotel: Salamina Highs

Overnight Parking: Salamina Parking

Most travelers come to town and only get to see the beautiful architecture of the town. Lucky for us we have motorcycles and can travel into the backcountry outside Salamina and see some truly breathtaking landscapes. Today we take a trip over to the hamlet of San Felix and the nearby Samaria Valley. Here, growing on the slopes of lush green mountains, we find the national tree of Colombia, the Quindío Wax Palm. The wax palm is the tallest palm in the world, reaching heights of over four stories. Not only are the palms themselves beautiful, but they are home to green and yellow parrots, which can be seen flying overhead. The views across the valley are picture-perfect, and once you arrive, feel like you have somehow discovered a special place that hardly any other foreigner has set eyes upon.


The ride to the valley is as spectacular as the destination itself. The road out of Salamina takes us across a ridge with yet again, spectacular views of the town and the surrounding cloud forests with fog spilling over the treetops. The road is almost completely paved and makes for some easy riding before arriving in the small town of San Felix. San Felix is a pretty quiet place, and we won't see much activity other than the occasional local farmer wandering around the plaza dressed in his poncho and cowboy hat. This area is still relatively undiscovered, and it wouldn't be surprising if we were the only foreigners in town. Heading from San Felix to the wax palm forest, the road becomes unpaved but well maintained with hard-packed gravel. The ride to the palm forest is only 15 minutes and takes us