Looking for an off-road motorcycle adventure tour? This is as real as it gets.


Take a trip to a remote jungle lodge:


Take an off-road motorcycle adventure tour remote jungle lodge where we take a short boat ride down the river to get to the lodge itself. Here we spend an afternoon exploring the river by boat while looking for wildlife. Spend the day swimming at a beautiful waterfall and swim crystal clear water. Then we get into tubes and float down the river until we arrive at the hotel. At night the stars come out and the jungle comes alive. We can relax on hammocks while listening to the sounds of the jungle at night. On the last day, we put the bikes on a boat (or canoe) for a river crossing on the way back to Medellin. 

  • Howler monkeys 🐒 

  • Sloth 🦥 

  • Osprey 🦅 

  • Kingfisher 🐦 

  • Egret 🦢 

  • Cranes 🦢 

  • Water buffalo 🐃 

  • River otter 🦦 

  • Cormorant 🐦

  • Heron 🦢 



  • 5 days, 4 nights

  • Ride through the Colombian countryside on virtually empty roads. 

  • Float down a jungle river!

  • River Crossing on Boat

  • Experience the sounds of the jungle at night

  • Drink coffee and rum with cowboys in Nariño

  • Spend the night at a hot springs hotel

  • See across Colombia from a 10,000ft lookout point

  • Antique collection hotel in Sonson

  • Have a great pizza in Sonsón

  • Forget that the modern world exists

  • Awesome off-road riding

  • And of course, take gorgeous, unique photos on every leg of the trip! 


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ever since I watched Narcos on Netflix a few years ago, Medellin was on my buckle list. Colombia Motorcycle Adventures provided a good excuse to come to Medellin. Our coffee & Jungle Motorcycle Adventure tour with Jeff Cremer exceeded my expectations. We visited exotic Colombia towns that are not on your regular tourist maps, meeting friendly locals, and experienced their culture and history. Furthermore, I felt completely safe. - Jeff A. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I’m also surprised at the well-paved roads in Colombia, the ample amount of twisties and elevation change. It rival northern Italy. This tour also provided plenty of dirt road riding to keep things interest. But getting in and out of Medellin in rush hour can be a hair-raising experiment. And don’t forget to spend a few extra days in Medellin, it’s the latest hipster holiday destination right now. - Phil N.


Day 1 - Medellin to Sonson

Recommended Hotel: El Tesoro


We head to Sonson via a beautiful winding road with spectacular views around almost every curve. Arriving in Sonson we will stay at a 200-year-old hotel filled with an amazing eclectic antique collection. We will grab a pizza on the balcony that overlooks the main square and the green countryside.


Day 2 - Sonson to Ecohotel Los Mikos

Recommended Hotel: Ecohotel Los Mikos


In the morning we ride to a lookout point that stands at over 10,00ft in elevation and has a beautiful view into the Magdalena river valley before winding down into the rural coffee town of Narinó where we can have lunch and drink coffee with coffee farmers in the towns main square as well as visit a local coffee co-op.  


After lunch we head towards the Los Mikos Ecolodge. The hotel is amazing place to connect with nature and just relax for a couple of days. The views from the hotel and it's pool are amazing to the Embalse

Day 3 - Ecohotel Los Mikos

Recommended Hotel: Ecohotel Los Mikos

This is a great experience. If you don't have a 4x4 vehicle, there is only one way to get to Los Mikos: by boat. And let me tell you something, it's awesome! They pick you up at the docks and then you get to enjoy 20 minutes of beautiful landscape, the reservoir and the dam. When you arrive at the foot of the hill where the hotel is located at, be sure to "suffer" a little by climbing up a 350 meter trail to the hotel. 


When you get to the hotel, you will love the great view it has of the Amaní reservoir.

For your stay you have 2 options: Cabins or glamping tents. We chose the latter, and if you're not very tall, this can be a comfortable option.

Next to the restaurant area there's a beautiful swimming pool with a great view of the landscape, perfect for some pictures. 

The hotel can set you up with kayaking trips and excursions to swim in the nearby waterfalls and body rafting down the river with life jackets. 

At Los Mikos the internet service is pretty poor and some people (like us) won't even have signal at all.

I advise you to pay cash since there is no card machine.

Day 4 - River Crossing - Ecohotel Los Mikos to Guatape

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Mansion Guatape

Today we make our departure back to our home base in Medellin. After an early morning river crossing on a canoe or barge, we wind back through the mountains stopping for lunch at a restaurant with an amazing view before heading to Guatape.

The big draw here is the famous Piedra del Peñol and the view of the lake and surrounding area from the top. The Piedra is a high granite monolith (technically an inselberg) that rises from near the edge of a man-made lake called the Embalse Guatapé. A brick staircase of 659 steps rises up through a broad fissure on the side of the rock. From the top, you’ll soak up magnificent views of this fertile region, the fingers of the lake sprawling amid a vast expanse of green mountains. 


Guatapé is a nice town but can be quite touristy and crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. There are shops selling t-shirts, wood carvings, and other souvenirs on pretty much every corner. That being said, it's still worth it to visit and some tourist attractions are just too good to pass up.

Day 5 - Guatape to Medellin

The ride to Medellín takes around two hours on a paved road and is fairly uneventful if there isn't any traffic. Starting about an hour after leaving Guatapé you will notice that the traffic begins to get heavier. Highway congestion from busses and people returning to Medellín can make the highway more challenging. The last leg of the trip dropping into Medellín's valley is a bit steeper so be sure to watch your speed and increase your following distance.


Guided Trip

  • $1,450USD per person based on shared occupancy

  • +Add Pillion/Passenger $175USD ($35USD/Day)

  • + Upgrade Single Room: +$300USD

  • Support Vehicle Available 

Self-Guided Trip

  • Motorcycle Rental + Route Map Only

  • $375USD - Honda XRE300/Kawasaki Versys 300 

  • $475USD - Suzuki DR650

  • +Add Pillion/Passenger $175USD ($35USD/Day)

  • Hotels Not Included - Hotels are easily booked via or similar. This gives you the flexibility to make changes to your route as well as book hotels that fit your budget.

  • Gas Not Included - Gas isn't included but the bikes are fuel-efficient and gas isn't that expensive.

  • Some Skill Required