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We've put on a lot of miles while touring through the backcountry of Colombia and we learned a bunch of stuff along the way. My friend Alan (picture on the right) knows a ton about gear.  If you're looking for the best reflective tape for your motorcycle check out the product recommendations below.


What to look for in a reflective tape for motorcycles:

  1. Brightness - Brightness important and its good to note that some colors don't reflect long distances, cuz the lumen output is low and the wavelength of the light. White is the brightest. Engineer grade tapes are cheap but low output

  2. Flexability - Some tapes are more rigid that others. Some tapes are made for compound curves like a helmet or surfaces. Other tapes aren't as flexible and wont conform to the curves. 


SOLAS TAPE - Let me introduce you to SOLAS tape. This is the brightest reflective tape on the market. It has a very strong adhesive that will stick to almost anything.

SOLAS is a Coast Guard designation and stands for Safety Of Life At Sea.  SOLAS tape is used in marine environments to assist search and rescue operations.


The main difference between SOLAS and other reflective tapes is brightness.  SOLAS has a candela rating of over 1000.  Standard engineer grade sheeting like you would see on a car tag is about 75. 

This is the perfect reflective tape for a motorcycle. 

3M Scotch Reflective Tape - This tapes awesome: Its black during the day and reflects white when light shines on it. Most motorcycles have black frames and it would blends in nicely during the daytime. It doesn't make make the motorcycle look weird like a silver reflective tape would but lights up super bright white when light shines on it at night. 

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