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Support Vehicle

We call this thing the Sasquatch because it's beast. This thing can go anywhere and get through anything. It's basically like driving the light armored vehicles that the marine corps has except that ours has a way better sound system. We're really proud of it too. We spent months doing a complete restoration from the frame up. We fixed everything from the changing the dash lights to remanufacturing the cylinders. 


Let’s get into the specs:

  • Engine: 5.8L / 351W V8 - ~ 300hp. 

  • Transmission: Ford E4OD Automatic coupled to a locking rear differential 

  • Capacity: 15 passengers or lots of room for luggage. 

  • Suspension: 6" suspension lift kit sitting on Fox Racing shocks. 

  • Tires: 33" BF Goodrich KO2

  • Sound System: Premium Audio Frog sound system with 10" Audio Frog subwoofer. The sound that these produce is absolutely amazing. Some of the cleanest, purest sound that I have ever heard.


Full Mechanic Shop Onboard:

Whats an adventure motorcycle tour support vehicle without the tools. The Sasquatch comes with a complete onboard mechanic shop. We are able to fix any problem and get you back on the road in a matter of minutes:

Each vehicle comes with fuel, water, spare tires, a compressor and tire rack (for fixing punctures and changing tires), comprehensive tool kit and a range of spare parts. We carry spare parts that our extensive experience has taught us are most likely to be required when on the road, and we are adept at solving problems en route. That being said, we are not a mobile manufacturer’s workshop! We do not carry any major parts – shock absorbers, gear boxes, engines!

  • Air compressor 

  • Tire changing rack 

  • Complete tool kit

  • Spare tires, tubes, parts etc. 

It's An Ambulance Too!

  • Paramedic Kit - Our support vehicles are also equipped with a comprehensive medical kit, including spinal board, non-prescription pain killers and splints. They can also provide temporary transport for up to two bikes and two riders in the event of any accident, illness or injury.

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