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Address and Directions

Address - Here is the address to my place. Actually, my place is located one block from a restaurant called "Estadero Las Hamacas." Sometimes taxi drivers have a hard time finding my place so I use this address.

Directions From El Poblado: Sometimes the taxi drivers take this crazy winding route from El Poblado. It's a lot easier to take the highway. You can click this link to get directions from El Poblado to Colombia Moto Adventures. I also embedded a map to on the right. 

Directions in English: The restaurant is located in Loma Pajarito between San Cristobal and San Felix on the road to San Pedro de los Milagros. Once you arrive at Las Hamacas restaurant please drive down the hill a out one block and take the first left which is a small street. Drive one block and my house will be an open gate on the left hand side of the road in front of a small store and a pink house. 

Directions in Spanish: 

El restaurante está ubicado en Loma Pajarito entre San Cristóbal y San Félix en el camino a San Pedro de los Milagros. Una vez que llegue al restaurante Las Hamacas, baje la colina una cuadra y tome la primera a la izquierda, que es una calle pequeña. Conduzca una cuadra y mi casa será una puerta abierta en el lado izquierdo de la carretera frente a una pequeña tienda.

Call me! - Please call me a few minutes before you show up and I'll meet you there and the taxi can follow me down to my house.  Most people come up at around 9am but you are welcome to come up anytime. It's pretty easy to find but if you get lost just message me on WhatsApp or give me a call and I can talk to the taxi driver for you. 


WhatsApp: +57 321 491 7060


In order to save time when you show up could you please print and sign the rental contract and bring it with you when you arrive. You can find it here:

Download areas and navigate offline with Google Maps



Colombia is an awesome place with tons of cool places to explore. If you're going out into the backcountry where the Internet is slow or you can't get online, you can save an area from Google Maps to your phone or tablet and use it when you're offline.

Google Maps does not show all roads!

  • GAIA GPS - For more remote areas such as the road from Sonson to Salamina, I recommend downloading the GAIA GPS application for iPhone or Android.

Pro Tip: Sonson to Salamina

Remember, Google Maps isn't 100% accurate. I've had people try to drive from Sonson to Salamina with Google Maps and it took them down some sort of walking path or horse trail.


The green arrow in the image below shows the correct road from Sonson to Salamina. 

If you are driving from Sonson to Salamina please be sure to ask the people to show you the road to Salamina or Aguadas.


Amazingly, some of the people don't know what Salamina is even though it's just a couple of towns over. If you ask people to show you the road to Aguadas they should be able to show you.


Remember that the road to Salamina is a big unpaved road that cars and big trucks drive down. It's not a walking path or horse trail.



No Gas Gauge - The Suzuki DR650 is a great bike but it doesn't have a fuel gauge. I have no idea why they didnt put one in. No DR650 comes with a fuel gauge. You will get around 200km per tank of gas from the bike. Make sure that after you fill up you reset the kilometers on the odometer so you know how long you have before you need to stop for gas again. 

Remember, I'm always available to help you. Just give me a call and I'll help you out in any way I can. 

Enjoy the ride!!


- Jeff

P.S. Don't worry about writing down the directions or saving this web page. I just sent you an email with a link to this page. 

Here is the Google Street View showing the pink house that is in front of my driveway. The concrete driveway on the left hand side of the road is where my house is. 

Here is a map showing driving directions from El Poblado to Colombia Moto Adventures:

Here is the map showing the route from Las Hamacas restaurant to Colombia Moto Adventures:

Here is the Google Street View showing my gate. I'll have the gate open for you when you arrive.

The green arrow in the image above shows the correct road from Sonson to Salamina. 


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+ 57 321 491 7060


+57 321 491 7060


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