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We recommend hotel Casa Laureles, its close to our office, has onsite parking and is located in a nice neighborhood, : 

Filling up with gas

  • Please “Extra” fuel is put into the vehicle

  • “Lleno de Extra Por favor”

  • You need to get off the bike for them to fill it up

  • Please bring the bike back with a full tank.

  • We charge $25USD if the tank isn't filled. 

  • Please park the bike inside your hotel or inside a guarded parking lot. (parqueadero)

  • Use the steering lock on the motorcycle when it's not in use.

  • The renter shall ensure that all reasonable care is taken in handling and parking the vehicle and that it is securely locked when not in use.


  • Documents are located in a small box inside the top box.

  • If you lose the documents you will be charged $150USD to replace them.

  • Please make sure to return the documents and keys to us when you return the bike.  

Theft / damages

  • Renters are responsible for all damages to the bikes. 

  • Call immediately in case of emergency


  • Dollars / Euros are not accepted in Colombia

  • Yes, all the small towns on our routes have ATM/cash machines. Most places, including hotels, don't take credit card.

  • We recommend carrying $400,000 Colombian pesos with you during your trip incase you need gas in a remote area etc. 

Toll Roads

Toll Booth.jpg

Luggage storage


Medellin Tunel del Oriente

Motorcycles Prohibited

  • Medellin has recently opened up the "Tunel del Oriente" which connects Medellin with the rapidly growing “Oriente” (east of Medellin) region.

  • Please note that although Google Maps displays this as a functioning road, motorcycles are not allowed to use the tunnel. 

  • Police love to hang out there and get bribes from people who make the mistake of trying to enter the tunnel. 

Sonsón to Salamina

Remember, Google Maps isn't 100% accurate. I've had people try to drive from Sonson to Salamina with Google Maps and it took them down some sort of walking path or horse trail.


You can see the correct route on the right and also click here for the correct route from Sonson To Salamina

If you are driving from Sonson to Salamina please be sure to ask the people to show you the road to Salamina or Aguadas.


Amazingly, some of the people don't know what Salamina is even though it's just a couple of towns over. If you ask people to show you the road to Aguadas they should be able to show you.


Remember that the road to Salamina is a big unpaved road that cars and big trucks drive down. It's not a walking path or horse trail.

Gaia GPS shows the correct route out of town.

  • You are more than welcome to store your bags at our office.

Motorcycles don't need to pay tolls in Colombia. You’ll see a dedicated motorcycle lane on the far right of the toll station on highways, that allows you to pass without paying.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 11.38.46


Medellin Tunel del Oriente - 

Map Link:

Sonson Correct Route.jpg

Sonsón to Pensilvania

Remember, Google Maps isn't 100% accurate. The route from Sonson to Pensilvania is not on google maps. Please use the following map for the correct driving route: