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3 Days / 2 Nights

Salento, Hot Springs, Valle Cocora

Looking for some twisties, elevation and good views? This is the trip for you.

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Ol Jeffrey
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Our Coffee Region motorcycle tour is the perfect motorcycle tour for riders looking to get a taste of Colombia.


I'm going to spare you the search engine optimized marketing text and just straight tell you: If you want to drive a motorcycle through some of the most beautiful scenery in Colombia, swim in hot springs and waterfalls and visit the Cocora Valley all in a short 3 day tour than this is for you.


Our trip takes us winding through the backroads with stops in the towns of Venecia, Jardin, Santa Rosa de Cabal (swimming in the hot springs) and Salento all the while taking in amazing panoramic views. One of the best parts is the hotel that we stay in while visiting Salento. Nothing can beat having breakfast while looking at the stunning view from the hotels deck. 


Day 1 - Medellin – Santa Rosa de Cabal

Our first day has us departing Medellin en route to the hot springs located in Santa Rosa de Cabal. Our specially chosen route takes us off the beaten path and through some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Colombia. 


Riding through the back roads we will have a late breakfast near at a beautiful overlook near the town of Venecia then continue winding our way through the mountains to until we get to the town of Jerico.


From Jerico we head to Santa Rosa de Cabal where we will spend the night and also go for a swim in then hot springs that are located nearby. The centerpiece of the hot springs is the nearly 100 foot tall waterfall that cascades down the rocks along the waters edge. Believe me, it's a really cool place.


Day 2 - Santa Rosa de Cabal – Salento

Our second day has us hitting the road south for Salento, a charming town in the Andes, known for its coffee culture and beautiful scenery. You’ll have the afternoon free to roam the city. Take a walk on Calle Real, Salento’s premier road full of local craft shops and vibrant colonial architecture painted in rainbow hues. Just a short drive away, you may also visit Cocora Valley where world's tallest palm trees look like the whimsical kind of plant you'd find in a Dr. Seuss story. 


Now, normally people say "Take a walk up to the lookout point and check out the beautiful scenery" but the hotel that I use for this trip is amazing and has a view of the area that is like being in heaven. So, you can skip walking up all the steps to the lookout point and instead, be served a great meal on the hotel balcony while taking in one of the most spectacular views ever.

We will also get the chance to play the Colombian game of "Tejo" which consists of throwing rocks at exploding targets.


Day 3 - Salento – Medellin

Today we make our departure back to our home base in Medellin. Our route today features our longest ride, taking in all the scenery Colombia has to offer. We head further north, diving into the heart of Colombia’s coffee region. We pass through Manizales before climbing up in altitude to ride along the edge of Los Nevados del Ruiz, an active volcano. Arriving back in Medellin it is now time for riders to part ways. For those riders that couldn’t get enough of Colombia, let us know and we can arrange extra days to stay or check out our 1 Week Colombia Coffee Triangle Motorcycle Tour


  • Depart anytime

  • Ride through spectacular mountain scenery 

  • Swimming in hot springs and waterfalls  

  • Explore the Coffee Region

  • Salento

  • Wax Palms of Cocora Valley

  • Stay in amazing hotels

  • Optional short hikes or horseback riding


Package Includes​ Basically Everything:
  •  Motorcycle rental

  •  All fuel and tolls

  •  Bilingual guide

  •  Accommodation in shared room with breakfast

  •  Mandatory 3rd party and rider medical insurance

  •  Motorcycle liability reduction insurance

  • Entrances to the hot springs 

  • All taxes

Not Included:
  • Tickets to and from Medellín

  • Visas (if needed)

  • Medical insurance.

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Any personal expenses

  • Lunches and dinners

  • Entrances to tourist attractions not mentioned

  • Valid Driver’s License with MC Endorsement

  • Valid Passport with at least 6 months left upon entry

  • Minimum 18 years of age

  • Credit Card with sufficient funds to cover security deposit.


Jeff Cremer is an award-winning wildlife photographer who has formerly based in the the Peruvian Amazon, he lived in Costa Rica and Peru before moving to Colombia.


  • Worlds Largest Atlas - Jeff's work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous books and magazines. Two of his gigapixel photographs were recently published in “EARTH Platinum Edition”, the world’s largest atlas. Each page spread of this limited edition book measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m). Only 31 copies were printed and retailed for $100,000 a copy.


  • 16 Gigapixel Machu Picchu - He also holds the record for the largest photo ever taken in Peru: a huge 22,000 megapixel panorama of the Miraflores district of Lima as well as the largest photo ever taken of Machu Picchu weighing in at 16,000 megapixels.


His work has also been featured in:


  • Wired Magazine

  • National Geographic

  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

  • NBC News

  • Yahoo News

  • Huffington Post

  • London Telegraph

  • Techbang

  • Toronto Sun

  • as well as others

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