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If I could add one more star and a plus I would! My husband and I have taken a road trip with Jeff Cremer recently. What a blast! Truly, I will never forget him. He was an excellent tour guide. He rode past us several times with this face that was fully engaged and alive. He is a special person - full of energy, colorful stories and life.


We had a great time and a great host. The motorcycles and helmets were top notch and everything was in order. No junk bikes here! I recommend highly renting from Jeff. The ride was amazing and we had a great time.


Excellent service, helpful advice and very well maintained bikes. All in all, it was a hassle free experience which made my trip that much easier. I have tried several other places and I would say that if you are in Medellin or nearby this should be your first choice for motorcycle rentals.


Jeff, I don’t know how to begin this but I am so glad that I met you. You are an amazing, loyal trustworthy person that I am happy to call a friend.


If I was coming back I would take a closer look at having Jeff come along as a guide or on one of his pre planned tours. Things get pretty difficult if you don't speak spanish and having a guide would definitely help avoid some of the situations that I dealt with on the road. Jeff is a great guy and would be a great guide/companion on the road.

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